Ravi Ravindra, who has been graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, which is one among the famous and reputed institution in India, completing his Bachelor of Science Academics and Master of Engineering, went to Canada on a Scholarship to complete his M S and Ph. D in Physics from the University of Toronto. Completing his M.A in philosophy and having a Post-doctoral fellowship in physics, from the University of Toronto, Religion in the Colombia University and History and Philosophy of Science in the Princeton University. He is now the Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie University in Halifax in Canada, where he had to spend years as a Professor, in the Department of Philosophy, Physics, and of Comparative Religion.

He was additionally a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, a region of the Indian Institute, of Advanced Study in Shimla, and being the founding director of the threshold Award for the integrative knowledge. But it doesn’t stop; he has more reputation and fame not just because he has done things that require time and space, but because he did spend more time and knowledge and acquired more understanding than others. And it can be seen from his books that he has published, and the articles he has written, which makes a lot of sense and understandings that are quite deep. Apart from all of these he is also an honorary member of the Scientific and Medical Network and a fellow of Temenos Academy, England. His search for spiritual guidance has led him to many reaching of great personalities and many religious paths.

This turned out to be a reason for him to be an author of many books on religion, spirituality, Mysticism and science. Few of the articles that he has published are All is Krishna, Death and meaning of life and so on These articles more over deals with what he had come across in his life and the experiences that he had come through, since his childhood. His articles show how deep a person can think and understand, and the consciousness of a person can get through to a point where he can’t go further more from what he has acquired. And some of his articles show how much more someone can keep going without any hinder. He is one of a kind and a personality we can admire. The knowledge he has gained surely made a difference, though how much he did spend studying, a different aspect of science and life. Mr. Ravi Ravindra is an icon to many people and to the people who is coming to know about him.

Rashi Bunny Hindi Actress

Rashi Bunny

Popularly known for her performance in Bhisham Sahni's Madhavi, Rashi Bunny is an Indian theatre actress.  She currently resides in Bombay and has many awards in her name. She studied theatre at the University of Alabama and Rutgers University after completing primary and secondary education in India. She has worked in innumerable plays, and her first solo performance was with Arvind Gaur in 'Madhavi'. Her second solo, Hidden Fires, which was selected as one of the best plays of the year by SKP, was also directed by Arvind Gaur. Her plays dealt with many social issues like child abuse, domestic abuse and NRI issues.  Rashi’s passion for skits and plays can be clearly seen in plays directed by her. She was the founder of the Banjara Theatre group at IIT Kharagpur. She has directed plays like 'Shrishti ka Aakhari Aadmi', 'Bakri' which were well acclaimed.  Rashi has been a dynamic person who has invested her life in all fields of play and has opened up theatre teaching institutes.She has directed open air productions like Daldal and also directed musical videos for Children's Theatre Wings of Banjara. She has taken part in theatre festivals and has written plays for the NGO's in India and abroad. She was one of the chosen 50 icons for emerging personality in India in 2005.This was conducted by the Sahara India Group. She has also gained international recognition. She has been awarded 'Colour Of Nation' at International Theatre Festival. Her other international awards include 'President's Honour role for Academic Excellence'. For the children's play, 'Kitne Tare Kitne Bulb' she won the award for best director. The critics have always praised Rashi’s performance and described it as being flawless. They have enjoyed all her plays and have revered her talent and creativity in designing simple sets, and passing on a very powerful social message. She is popularly known for her ' I have a dream theatre workshop' for self-exploration and creative expression. In a recent interview, Rashi said that she goes with the flow of he life. She saw herself as a wanderer in Banjara and sees the ample number of opportunities in the form of an ocean in Mumbai. She described her best moments; one of them was when she was offered a pomegranate by an old lady after her performance in Yerevan. The pomegranate symbolized life abundance and soul. The other one was when she couldn't get off the stage even after the curtain closed, thanks to the people standing clapping and cheering for her in International Russia Film Festival.


Sanjiv Kaura

Sanjiv Kaura is the youngest country wide Chief Executive Officer, who rose to fame after joining the reality show Lead India in the year 2007. The show is an initiative, which started on the 60th Independence Day of India and aimed to search for the country’s new bold leader. Sanjiv completed his studies at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) and was qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He is also an NRI. He then went to Harvard and at the age of 28, he started his career in the ICI world. However, when he decided to launch the RTE movement and started working on the development projects in India, he quit his job. Sanjiv stated that he was dissatisfied with what he is doing. He was once the Program Director of the Harvard University. Sanjiv has also been the CEO of Times of India Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (Bennett Coleman & Co. Limited). He also worked in Wilmington, Delaware in the US and Blakeley in the UK. He also served as a Lieutenant in The Territorial Army. On August 15, 1995, Sanjiv got married to Ritu, daughter of an army officer. When his wife got pregnant, he realised that he wanted his son to be born in India. In 1998, they returned to the country for good. Lakshya, their first son, was born in Ahmedabad. Sanjiv was originally from Delhi. In his return to India, Sanjiv led the RTE movement and also got involved in the education field and skill development of the Public Private Partnerships (PPP). In the year 2008, he was declared as the Times of India’s 2nd National runner-up, from which he commenced the Lead India campaign. He also bagged Best National Field Work Award. After Lead India, he teaches English and computer studies to the people of Himachal Pradesh. Sanjiv also believes that winning Lead India would help him in entering politics. In the year 2000, after a two-year break, he worked as National Convenor for the National Alliance for Fundamental Right to Education (NAFRE). He led a movement from over 26,500 villages and helped in changing the Constitution in making education a basic right. Sanjiv also studied at St. Patrick’s School, Asansol and Kennedy School of Government.

Sanjiv Kaura Hindi Actor