Agosh is an Indian band consisting of three members; Gopal Rao, Shaleen Sharma and R. Anandh. The word ‘Agosh’ is not only formed from the initials of its members but it also means “embrace”. Gopal is the lead singer, Anandh is the guitarist and Shaleen is the drummer in the band.

The biggest break in their career was when, in 1998, they gave music to a Sunny Deol Sunny Deol is a film actor, director and producer. >> Read More... Sunny Deol and starrer movie “Zor” with the song “Main Kudi Anjaani Hoon'. In a 2010 film “Lafangey Parindey”, they composed six songs.

Further, they made music for a Malayalam film “ Nirnayam” and later for “Mazha Peyyum Munpe''. “Shakti”, which released in 2011, was the first Tamil film they composed music for.

It was in 1994 that this band was born. Shaleen Sharma and R.Anandh are both mechanical engineers; passed out from Roorkee University (now IIT Roorkee) and Gopal Rol is a mathematics graduate. At an Irani Joint, this trio met for the first time over “chai”, and this formal meeting let to the formation of “Agosh”. All three are trained in some or the other classical instrument. Shaleen is a Hindustani vocalist and a tabla player, Anandh was trained on veena for 12 years, and Gopal has spent his childhood around Carnatic vocal.

They initially wanted to open a music studio named “Aqua Regia” as that would portray that they have dissolved ‘gold’ inside them. It is quite interesting to know that they named themselves Agosh many films later. It happened when they decided to get serious and follow their own music style.

The three grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin and the likes, so it is difficult for them to relate to the present Western music. In the beginning, this trio gave jingles for some popular ad films like Pepsi, Fanta, Nestle Munch and Ponds. During this period, they also made music for the Radio City of Banglore.

They say that `Agosh' is a non-filmy and non-commercial project, but ad films are still their bread and butter. They had an eight songs long album released, and each song was about dealing with day to day issues. Another song “O Yaara Re” was released compiling with the album “Come on India” which also had Shankar Mahadevan Shankar Mahadevan, a well-renowned, talented and f >> Read More... Shankar Mahadevan and Hariharan working along and was made for the Cricket World Cup.