The pop singer who is famous in Pakistan is also known as "The king of soul style" and "Mr. Unplugged". He began his career in 2008.. Falak Shabir was able to climb the ladder of success very fast. His debut work was very successful. He soon reached the limelight. He was born on December 24th in 1986. His native place is Karachi which is located in Pakistan. Falak Shabir and his family moved to Lahore later. He moved because of his father's business. His first work was in "Rog". It appeared on YouTube in 2008 and was nominated for the TMA award. TMA stands for Theatrical Management Association. This award is given in the United Kingdom. He never looked back after his first success. His second work was "Tera Saath Ho".

This was nominated for several awards including the MTV award and his song track, "7 Welcome to London" was included in the film. Falak Shabir's main genres were rock, pop, and romantic. He is not only a singer but also a lyricist and a musician. He plays instruments like the Guitar. He made another album called "Judah" in 2013. It was released under the T-series Label. He sang the song "Ijaza Ti Azat" for the single film. In the same year, he sang the song "Soniye Kaise Yeh" for the film, ' Jannat 2'. In the next year, he made several songs. He started to climb to the peak of his career which made him famous all over the world.

In 2014 he only made the Judah album in which he sang songs such as 'Rabba Ho' (which was an album version), 'Bin There', 'Ajjkain De', 'Oh Sanjana', 'BHO lab Hali' and 'Teri Kasam'. The songs such as 'Mujh Mein', 'Haiti', 'Naina da' became more famous. In his career, 2016 was his peak period, and the songs he sang in 2016 are 'Abyehdil', 'IK waa RFT', 'Waada'. In 2017 his songs become the trend and songs such as 'JA any act' and 'Bin Tere' became one of the most famous songs of 2017. Usually, pop singers originate from English speaking countries, but he came from a more traditional country, and succeeded. He became the motivator and role model to millions of people who want to succeed in the music.

Ashutosh Pathak

Born in Mumbai, Ashutosh Pathak is a music composer and a double degree graduate in Economics and Western Classical Music Theory from the University of Pennsylvania. He followed his passion for music by becoming a member of a band named as 'Orphean Revival' in the 90s. Later, he became the co-founder and the head of the managing directors of The True School of Music in 2013 in Mumbai. The main reason that the school was started according to the founders’ was "not to create music prodigy teams or stunning rock bands but to train professionals for a career in music composition for advertising, television and films for their life". Moreover, to face the real world with their style of music was their concept. This motto of theirs took the interests of the media and received positive feedback. He decided to tie up with the Manhattan School of Music as he wanted to become a professional in the field. He then partnered with the School in New York and brought international professional faculty and integrated state of the art facilities to provide leading-edge musical learning practices and experiences for students in Mumbai. He is also known as Ashu by his audience for he had coaxed many hearts by his music and has drawn them into his circle. One among today’s leading artists, he is popular and is a highly sought-after music personality. For the past fifteen years, he has given his best and has become a role model in the field. He has produced 15 contemporary music tracks which is worthy of many national and international awards for the past two decades. An award winning multi-talented music composer and producer, who has composed music for about 3000 television commercials and soundtracks for 10 feature films. He became popular and received many laurels for the album, ‘Fire in the Blood’ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. David Rooney has once said that his music was a graceful and crispy shot behind the scenes. He was appreciated by Mark Adams, the chief film critic at Screen Daily. He admitted that "Fire In The Blood" is a smartly made album that hits all of the rights notes intellectually and emotionally. He was nominated at the World Cinema Category in the auspicious Sundance Film Festival. Pathak co-founded the live music venue- The Blue Frog in Mumbai and Delhi which was funded by Simran Mulchandani in 2007. He composed and played his rhythms to films 'Tamanna' in 1998, 'Bombay Boys' in 1998 which is an entertaining film directed by Kaizad Gustad, 'Snip' in 2000, 'White Noise' in 2004, a supernatural film with a fine blend of thriller and horror directed by Geoffrey Sax, 'Broken Thread' in 2007, 'MP3: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar' in 2007, 'HELP' in 2010 is an horror film directed by Rajeev Virani, and 'Fire in the Blood' in 2013. 'Fire In the Blood' was a huge success later on. He has played his role as a Sound editor in ‘In Theory’ in 2012. He is a very talented music composer with great skills and talents.

Ashutosh Pathak Hindi Actor