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Puneet Dixit is a well-known Indian playback singer, lyricist, Vocalist, a music composer/ director. Puneet is known for his predominant contributions to the Hindi film and television industry. Puneet Dixit was born on 17th November 1990. His place of birth is Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. Puneet is a self-made musician. With his hard work and dedication, he has reached so far. Puneet, when he was a kid, played cricket and has represented his cricket team at the state and national levels. He is a professional cricketer and has won more than nine national awards for this game. Initially, he got attracted to cricket. It was later when he got driven up with the essence of the music.

Puneet Dixit hails from a family of musicians. His grandfather and his father are trained professionals in the field of music. Hence, it was natural for Puneet to drove into music. He got his training in music from his grandfather, who made him learn to play the piano and harmonium. Puneet got so much involved in the music that he dropped his final year of Mechanical Engineering and carried on with his passion. He is also known to play different instruments like drums, guitar, etc. His favorite music composer is Pritam. Puneet loves his music composition.

Puneet's first music composition as the director was for the film Tomchi, and since then, he has prospered a lot. He considers himself as the competition and wants to create some more songs under his name. Puneet is also fascinated with politics. He expressed his desire to become a Member of Parliament years later. He believes in the philosophy of life that one should keep working hard and should overcome struggles and obstacles, and eventually, one day, they will be successful.


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