Sonia Gadhok is an Indian film actress. This starlet is a complete newcomer to the film industry. Though she has not been prominent enough on the screens, she hopes to make it big someday. Sonia has acted in a movie titled “Ooops a Desi” which was released on August 23, 2013.

Sonika Gill

Noted as Vivian the vamp of the movie Ram Lakhan, Sonika Gill is one of the famous names of the 90s. The actress has done a bundle of films like Ghar Ho Toh Aisa, tirangga, Aaj Ki Awaaz, ghar ki izzat, clerk, jeena marna tere sang, do dilon ke khel mein, sau crore, etc. She is most known for her excellent performances in the movie Laash(1998), Kachchi Kali( 1987) and the super hit Ram Lakhan (1989). She was the choice of most renowned directors like Shubhash Ghai. Ram Lakhan had a rating of 6.8/10 which was an amazing rating in 1989. She has worked with very prominent actors of Bollywood industry like Anil Kapoor, Jacky Shroff, and Madhuri Dixit. Ms. Gill worked with T.P. Aggarwal in Prem Jaal and Madan Jain in 1999 and moved to Dubai to work as a hostess at Hotel Moghal Room over there. She also acted in a Punjabi film “Yaara naal Bahaara” which was a hit in Punjab and London. Some of her movies have been the highest grossing movies, and she has received acclamations from all around the world for her impressive performances. She was last seen in Daal mein kuch Kala hai and Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo in 2012 as a part of the mainstream cinema. A starlet in Bollywood, Sonika Gill had a misfortune in her love life. She married a small time businessman Mitesh Rughani as her third wife. Mitesh Rughani was accused of doping a jeweler to the tune of Rs. 81 lakh and was found hiding in the bathroom in their MHADA apartment in Versova. She has stayed apart from movies since then. However, she was recently reported at some events. We hope to see her comeback in some recent years with yet another amazing movie.

Sonika Gill Hindi Actress