Sara Chaudhary

Other names of Sara Chaudhary: Sara Chaudhry
Sara Chaudhary Hindi Actress
For Sara Chaudhary, the beautiful Pakistani model turned actress, life had indeed started pretty early. For one, she started her modelling career in the year 2000, at the really young age of 13, and to boot it all, her parents had also fixed up her marriage at a very young age, although she was not really aware who her husband was going to be! But all this had a filmy twist – during the course of a play she was doing for TV, she met this person and liked him, only to realize later that this indeed was the man whom her parents had chosen to be her husband! She was really happy it turned out that way, and confessed as much in the course of the popular Nadia Khan Chat Show soon after.
For Sara, whose actual first name is believed to be Iqra, her initial years into modelling was somewhat traumatic, and being so young only worsened matters, but she thanked her parents for having stood by her side all through and provided her the necessary support to get her through this stage in her life. Most people believe that it was her innocently beautiful looks that fetched her so many modelling assignments and ultimately propelled her into a TV acting career, with her debut serial “Behlawa”. After all, she had always mentioned that it was not modelling, but acting that she was more interested to be in.
That she was a tenacious young lady was also evident from the fact that even with all her engagements in modelling and acting, she had made up her mind to catch up with her studies and complete her college education. After all, her childhood dream was to become a doctor, and she would have most probably followed that career, had it not been for a chance opportunity for modelling that came her way through her father’s friend. From the position that she is now in, she feels that marriage to her childhood fiancé should bring about a change in her life pattern and career, for she would like to devote more time to family life than TV shows or modelling.