Pranali Ghoghare

Other names of Pranali Ghoghare: Pranali Ghogare


A beautiful young actress, Pranali Ghoghare was first seen on screen charming audiences in Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali on Life OK. Born on 22nd November 1989, she managed to make her mark as an actress right from the moment when she was cast as Radha in Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali. Having had to face several hardships on her way to fame, Pranali is an inspiration to young aspiring actors and actresses. She debuted with the very renown Rajshri Productions, which is a very big name when it comes to television serials. Her portrayal of the character of Radha as a modern, yet simple minded woman with unwavering values and an immense capacity for compassion managed to touch the right chord with the audience.

Radha’s character, and especially how Pranali chose to play her, is something many young Indians, especially women, are able to relate to. Her chemistry with her co-star, Samridh Bawa, who plays Leeladhar in Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali opposite to her, has also built quite a fanbase for them both. A typical Marathi girl, Pranali has had to make several sacrifices and survive many hurdles to get to this point today. Her constant dedication to her work shows profoundly in the show, which has made her a fan favourite. She aspires to even greater things, and hopes to be able to play a variety of interesting and quirky characters in the future. A converted vegetarian, Pranali is very fond of Paneer and baked foods, and admits to being quite an ardent foodie.

Despite her fame and glamour, she retains her simplicity and humility in a world that constantly tries to push her into the limelight. She is very fond of her co-star Samridh Bawa, who she says is a delightful person and a wonderful colleague. Like almost every other Indian girl, she is also a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.