Birthday: 03-06-1984
Age: 35
Star sign: Cancer

Nandini Jumani hails from Assam and is a model settled in Mumbai. She was born on 3 June 1984, in Assam. She is often praised for her acting skills, that made her most wanted and recognized dancer in Mumbai, where hometown people also find it difficult to get a chance, whereas Nandini Jumani is much more famous, as she comes from an Assamese background, she has made name and fame.

She is known to have acted in many item songs and is popular for her seductive glimpse in her acting career. Nandini Jumani is one of the most wanted actresses in the movie circle where there is a glimpse of glamor, catchy seductive staring, and eye-catching dance form. Nandini Jumani is always known to have been an actress worth high education status. She completed her post-graduation in Pune, India. She is always acknowledged to be a university topper by the college. She also shared her view in the interview where she disclosed that she wanted to be an IPS officer and expresses that the acting field was not even in any corner of her mind.

Other than being high on academics she is also took training for dance under a great dancer and legendary Bollywood dancing icon Saroj Khan. Nandini Jumani is hence known to have been a completely perfect blend of acting and dancing. Other than her skills in acting, she is also known to have inclined towards social activities such as helping old age homes, helping orphanage, etc.

She is also very keen on having her old age home, and she is in the tie with St. Anthonys home that is situated in Mumbai, to start her social setup to help people. She started her acting career by getting in the world of modeling in many advertisements in brands like Colgate, Sanusi, Krazy Kool Kat, etc. She also gave many stage performances across the globe.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is anything but ordinary - she is a transgender, or locally called - hijra - she is a transgender rights activist, an actress, a Bharatnatyam dancer and the first transgender to represent Asia Pacific in the United Nations, in 2008. The eldest born boy in a Brahmin family, Laxmi holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mithibai College, Mumbai, and a post-graduate degree in Bharatnatyam. She was called gay in school and thus she sought out Ashok Row Kavi in Grade 5, who was the only gay person she knew. She started featuring in dance videos for Ken Ghosh and eventually became a choreographer herself. She met the first Ph.D. hijra student Shabira, who introduced her to the hijra community. She then became a bar dancer and was severely admired for her dance. However, since Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil shut down the dance bars, Laxmi protested against it. Laxmi has been on the boards of several big NGOs and became the President of NGO DAI Welfare Society in 2002, which is the first registered organization for eunuchs in South Asia. To support sexual minorities, she began her organization called Astitva. She went to Toronto, Canada, for Asia Pacific sex workers network. She joined hands with Kavi in his plea against Section 377, which deemed homosexuality as a crime. Her family found out about her association with the hijra community only when she appeared on TV dressed as a female. However, they are very supportive of her since then. Laxmi had petitioned the court to recognize transgender as a third gender, which it did in 2014. Although she was criticized by fellow transgenders for her association with various organizations, Laxmi did not deter from her path. She appeared on several television shows such as Bigg Boss, Raaz Pichle Janam Ka, Dus Ka Dum and Sach Ka Saamna. She has also been featured in an award-winning documentary called Blurred Lines - India's Third Gender. Other than that, she was featured in Project Bolo and Queens! Destiny of Dance, both documentaries on hijras. She confessed on Bigg Boss that she has been in a relationship with a man and has adopted two children.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi Hindi Actress