Michelle Shah, a movie actress who has worked in the film named Life Main Twist Hain which was released on 12th December 2014, which was directed by Dinesh Soni. The film got average ratings and reviews from the industry. She had a prominent role as Anita in the film. She has also done a few Tv shows like Pavitra Bandhan, Chandra Nandani, etc. She has her Twitter account in social media with 200+ followers. She had also appeared in the Tv show Kausaty Zindagi ki (two) on Star Plus in the role of Anjali. She has done very fewer projects in Bollywood than Television.

Sangeeta Tiwari Hindi Actress

Sangeeta Tiwari

Sangeeta Tiwari is a Bhojpuri Film Actress. Born on, 15th August in Mumbai her performances in various films has made her one of the most admirable leading lady of Bhojpuri, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and other regionals also. Sangeeta Tiwari was brought up and educated in the same suave city. At very early age her interest was noticed in movies, dancing and reading magazines. While her studies were continuing, then only she made her mind of becoming a film actress one day. She is well trained in dancing especially in Kathak that even before completing her graduation, she started teaching Kathak to children of lower age. The actress made her debut in the Bhojpuri film, Jaibe Sajana Ke Desh. It is a movie with the lead roles of Raj Khanna and Sangeeta herself. Next, she worked in another Bhojpuri movie, Devarji which released in 2006. Directed by Ravi Sinha, it is a Dramatic Feature film starring Krishna Abhishek, opposite her. These two films made her very popular in Bhojpuri cinema. As a result of her acting and dancing skills, she started getting offers of movies from other regions also. She got offers from producers of Gujarat, Telugu, Marathi as well as Rajasthani films. Hence she became a multi-lingual actress.  Most of her movies are with Ravi Kishan which includes Balam Pardesi and Rampur Ka Laxman. In 2013, Dhurandhar has released in which again Sangeeta Tiwari and Ravi Kishan are in the lead roles. Directed by Deepak Tiwari, it is a short action film. Following this, another movie was released in 2014, Ek Nirahua Sarfira. In theatres on 18th July, it is an action, drama, romantic, Bhojpuri film directed by Jagdish Sharma. The actress did one more movie in 2014 that released on 21st November. The film was directed by Aslam Sheikh and also featured the famous Bhojpuri singer and actor Manoj Tiwari. Sangeeta Tiwari’s latest release is Hero Gamcha Wala. Released on 29th January, 2016, Hero Gamcha Wala is a Bhojpuri drama directed by Vishnu Shankar starring Yash Kumar Mishra and Sangeeta in lead roles.