Megha Burman is a talented young actress who has served in both Hindi and Tamil film industries. She has only done a handful of films, but the films she has done and the roles she played were ones of great interest to all. Big or small, the roles she played could never be put aside. She believes in the ideology of all little things playing significant roles to paint the big picture. And it might be due to this exciting view of her that she was able to wholeheartedly accept the small / big roles that came to her. She has been entertaining all the film lovers from the year 2003. Since then, she has never failed to do entertain her audience. All of the roles she plays and the characters she portrays has topped one another and reached the highest state of perfection.

Megha can be seen to have put a whole lot of hard work into what she does. And as always seen, hard work does pay off. The incredible list of her movies includes “Paap” (2003), “Ankit, Pallavi and Friends” (2008), “Dam999” (2011), “ Ballad of Rustom” (2012) and “ Oru Modhal Oru Kadhal” (2014). These movies pose as an example of the talents of Megha. Along with the Indian films, she was also able to take part in the super hit English film “ Dam 999” which was based on the catastrophic realities that unravel around us. In this spectacular movie, Megha played the role of ‘Raziya’. Just like how she handled all her other films, she was able to complete this task to with utmost ease and efficiency. Big or small a role she plays, she makes sure of the fact that her role stands out from the pack. Megha is the sort of actress who puts in just the amount of effort that is needed. She never overacts or falls short of what’s expected of her. And it is this sort of skills that help her to reach the top of the pack.

Masha Paur Hindi Actress

Masha Paur

Masha Paur born on November 16, 1984, in Scotland, is an Indian Actress popular for her movies like Patiala House released in the year 2011 and a movie named Bhouri, which was released in the year 2016. She belongs to a Hindu family. She is 31 years of age with a Height of 5’8 (1.71m) inch. Masha Paur is a very popular actress in Bollywood Industry just because of her 2016 movie named Bhouri. The trailer of this movie was a big hit. Masha Paur is from the United Kingdom and is popular for modeling and small screen roles in her hometown. She has completed her High school as well as a college from Scotland itself. She was passionate about acting from the start and was an active student who made her career in acting. Her favorite actors and role models were Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. After her initial work in small screen and modeling in Scotland, she decided to come to Bollywood industry. So, on her friend’s recommendation, to try her fortune, she came to Mumbai. After doing a lot of struggle, she finally got the role in the film named “Bhouri” along with some popular actors like Aditya Pancholi, Raghubir Yadav, Kunickaa Sadanand, Mukesh Tiwari, etc. Bhouri is film directed by JasbirBhatti and written by Jagat Bhushan Singh. Chandrapal Singh is the producer of the film, and the film is produced under the banner of S.Video Pictures Pvt Ltd. The music director of the film was Sanjay Pathak. It was a film of drama and social genre. It bagged the rating of 8.1/10 from IMDB and 6.3/10 from Bookmyshow. “Bhouri” was her Bollywood debut film in which she was in a lead role. Bhouri is a film about the condition and problems of women in rural areas of India. It is a story of a woman named Bhouri who is 22 years old, who is chased by almost all the men in the village. Almost all the people including cops, goons, etc. forced the woman to get their base desires. Bhouri is a woman with sharp features and fair complexion because of which she had to suffer a lot. In the year 2013, Masha Paur acted in the movie named “WaisiWaliKhushi” and played a lead role in this movie also.  


Megha Ghosh

Megha Ghosh is an established actress who has made her presence known in Oriya Film Industry, Bengali Film Industry and Bhojpuri Film Industry. This talented young actress was born on July 11th, 1987, in Kolkata. Even though she is originally a Bengali, she is not fluent in Bengal, yet she has a huge fan base there. Her fan base extends to two other industries. This depicts just how much hard work she has had to put in to help her reach such a position. She started out as a model and then ventured into the film industry. She has been active in the industry for the year 2007. She did her debut film “Yuga Yuga GaleSaagali”. The film became an instant hit. She had the same luck in the Oriya Film Industry with the hit film “”. Megha had all her educational qualifications completed in Kolkata. She is a major in acting and got her diploma in the same from Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Lab, Mumbai- a prominent institution in the area. The list of films done by Megha Ghosh in Oriya includes “”, “SasuraGharaZindabad”, “Most Wanted”, “Chandini I Miss You”, “Dosti” and “Luchakali”. Her movies in Bengali include “Gunda Raj”, “BindaasPremi”, “Jor Jar MulakTaar” and “PremekParibaar”. And her list of Bhojpuri films includes “Raja ke raja kise Pyaar ho gai” and “Apanmatiapandesh”. Her familiarity with all these industries might clue one about how an incredible and talented actress she is. Her daring personality has enabled her to accept any challenge that comes her way, and she can do any role with ease. And since she is a fast learner, she was able to get used to the various languages and its accents with much more ease. She is indeed an asset to all the various film industries, putting herself in completely and rising to the occasion when the situation demands it.

Megha Ghosh Hindi Actress