Kaajal Vashisht is a newbie niche actress in Bollywood. She comes from Chennai but had done a good job in Telugu and Hindi film Industries. She had acted with Telugu superstars like Allu Arjun. Kaajal is a trained dancer. Unlike many other upcoming actresses, who start their dance training after signing the first film, she comes with a hand full of experience and skill in Dance. She is also trained in Kick boxing and perhaps, that is the reason behind her voluptuous figure. She mentioned in an interview that she initially planned her career to be in journalism.

However, after a while she realized she is not cut to be a journalist. Then she slowly started pursuing her career in her second interest that is theater. Soon she made herself visible as a good actress and a hot lady lead in movies. She is one of the leads in a Telugu movie called Iddarammayilatho (2013) that was a good success. She got an experience of acting next to stars like Allu Arjun and Amla paul in this movie. Later she did few movies in south film industry but could not get a break-through.

Later she was asked to be a second lady lead in a very famous Bollywood movie Rowdy Rathore. For Kaajal it is something like a dream came true because she will be co-starring with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. She has an exceptional ability to deal with languages. She speaks total SIX languages. She speaks Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, English, Hindi and Telugu. She is a good competition to her contemporary actors as she comes with this multi-talented kit. She is a definite complete package.

Jyoti Subhash Hindi Actress

Jyoti Subhash

Jyoti Subhash is a veteran Indian actress who primarily works for Marathi films and television Industry. She contributed well for Marathi theater sector as well. As an actor she is known for her ability to be indifferent with movies, TV and theater plays. Jyoti's career had started with theaters. Then eventually she moved up to Tele films. Even while acting in Tele films she was not away from her roots. She continued to contribute in plays and dramas. She gave a fantastic performance in Tele films Rukmavati Ki Haveli (1991), Zazeere (1992). This exceptional performance paved a clear route for her in to movies. Rukmavati Ki Haveli is originally written and directed as a Spanish play. It is called The House of Bernarda Alba. The same has been re-written in Marathi as Rukmavati Ki Haveli and directed by Govind Nihalani. It is a beautiful story of a mother's journey as to how she brought up her 5 daughters, in a Haveli. This Tele film was shot in Rajasthan. She entered Film industry in 2002 with a movie Dahavi Fha. She picked up very quickly in films as well. Her movies have a sensitive corner that would definitely touch base upon the existing issues of the society. Her movie "Jis Lahore Nai Dekhya" in 2004 touched a gentle side of the issue partition era of India. It's a story of a Hindu woman who carries on her life in Lahore, where she was initially ill-treated for the fact that she is different but later accepted by people. Jyoti had wonderfully performed as the Hindu woman in Lahore. Her career had really come onto a fast-track when she started working with the very famous Marathi and Hindi actor Girish Karnad. He always thought she is a lucky mascot for his films and she brings in success with her. As a result she was made part of many of his films like Valu (2008), Vihir, in 2010, Deool (2011), Gabhricha Paus etc. In personal life she has a daughter Amruta Subhash, who is also an actress. There are multiple films where Jyoti acted as Amruta's mother and grandmother too.