Birthday: 1973

Farheen, better known as Farheen Prabhakar, is an Indian actress, who works in Bollywood. She has also worked on some projects down south, be it Malayalam, Tamil or Kannada movies. Her Bollywood debut movie was with Deepak Balraj Vij. In“Jaan Tere Naam,” which released in 1992, she was working alongside Ronit Roy. She also came to fame when she entered the industry, and she was said to have resemblance with Madhuri Dixit. Born and brought up in Chennai, Farheen was interested in cinema and acting at large since childhood. It’s been a long journey for the actress. And when she looks back she feels happy and satisfied. In 1996, she was seen in “King Solomon” a Malayalam movie. Since then she has done movies like “Saajan Ka Ghar” (1994), “ Amaanat” (1994), “Fauj”, “ Sainik” and the famous “Aag Ka Toofan.” She also worked in som Kannada films like “Halli Mehthru” (1992), “Rayaru Bandaru Mavana Manege” (1993).

In 1993, she was also seen in a Tamil movie called “Kalaignan.” After working in a couple of Bollywood movies and some movies from the South, she bid a quiet quit from movies, after her marriage with the famous cricketer Manoj Prabhakar. After the wedding, she quietly, out of media gaze, was settled in Delhi, with her family. She lived a happy and a peaceful life, with her two sons and husband, until Balraj Vij approached her with the offer to work in a sequel of “Jaan Tere Naam.” This time, the actress is roped in to play the role of the mother. She says she could not say no to him, as he had given her first debut in Bollywood. In an interview, she discusses how she could not say no to the director, and how the image of a look-alike of Madhuri Dixit has if at all had changed. She is not afraid, if her comeback clashes with that of Madhuri’s, as she feels she is more beautiful than Madhuri.

She also adds that when she met Shatrughan Sinha recently, she complimented her saying she resembles the yesteryear actress Suchitra Sen. A compliment indeed. Prepare yourself to see the yesteryear actress, steal the show in her comeback.

Farah Naaz Hindi Actress

Farah Naaz

Farah Naaz is a Bollywood actress who made her debut in 1980-90s. She is elder sister of actress Tabu and niece of famous actress Shabana Azmi. She was the most beautiful actress of her time and after starring in few films she disappeared from the film industry. She was known for her tomboyish nature in many films and unfortunately, her career never got any traction. After a couple of hit movies with almost leading stars of her time, her ill-fated attempt to get married soon resulted in getting her disappeared. She did manage to show some spark as ‘ J.P Dutta's Yateem’– but followed that up with films like ‘Faasle’, ‘Naqaab’, ‘Khatarnaak’ and ‘Pati Patni Aur Tawaif’. Judging from her expressionless, wooden performances, she became just an actress who can be touted as the glamorous and beautiful actress with pretty eyes. Although she showcased no great acting skills like Tabu, thankfully, she was still going strong in her career with acting opposite to Jackie, Govinda, Aamir Khan, Anil Kapoor, Mithun, Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and people were falling in love with her beauty. In ‘Naseeb Apna Apna’, she played the main role Rishi Kapoor’s Wife – a title that, ironically, suited her perfectly. She also did some scenes for film ‘Ghuda Gawah’ but as the film got delayed in the shooting, she quit the film and the role went to Shilpa Shirodkar opposite Govinda. She married first Dara Singh’s son Vindu Dara Singh. She had a son also from this marriage. The couple got divorced later, and she again married a TV actor Sumeet Saigal. As her films were not success in box office, she made appearances in some TV serials produced by Himesh Reshammiya ( Amar Prem, Andaz, Ahaa). Later she made her comeback to films with films like ‘Hulchul’ and ‘Shikhar’. As Farah appeared in small movie roles in Hulchul, it is another case of a moderately successful film star who was misled that she could become a saleable star.  Her fans were not certainly after her.



Faryal was an actress in the Indian Film Industry. She is known for her roles in “Jewel Thief.” Remember the cabaret dancer in the film? “I never liked dancing, in fact, I hated dancing, but it never left me throughout my career.” That’s Faryal for you. Born in 1945, to an Indian father and a Syrian mother, Faryal was born in Damascus in Syria. She completed her schooling from Loreto Convent in Simla, Cathedral High School, and finally did her graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She also worked as an air hostess in Air India, before taking up acting. Faryal was first seen in Bollywood in 1965, when she acted against the famous actor of that time, Pradeep Kumar in “Zindagi Aur Maut.” It was a black-and-white movie where Faryal was seen doing her first Debut as a lead role. The movie had the famous song ‘Dil Laga Kar Hum Ye Samjhe’ hummed by many in that era. The song was sung by Asha Bhonsle, which later became an evergreen song. Faryal’s acting was appreciated by many, which got her a lead role again, in “Biradari” alongside Shashi Kapoor. The movie failed at the box office. It was the movie “Jewel Thief” in 1967 which got her fame. As a cabaret dancer in the film, she had won the hearts of many of her fans, as well as directors, when offers for her started pouring in for her. Since her casting in the exciting role in Jewel Thief, she was seen as a cabaret dancer, and got roles for more such roles, in multiple films. Faryal complains that she never learned dance, and never liked it too, but somehow after Jewel Thief, she was forced to take those roles. She was much appreciated for her roles in “Saccha Jhoota” and “Maa Ki Aankhein.” Faryal finally called off her acting career after working with Jeetendra in “Gold Medal” (1984). Faryal got married to her long-time boyfriend, and she is settled in Israel.

Faryal Hindi Actress