Arya Menon is an actress and costume designer. The actress’ highly applauded works include Chak De! India (2007), Naane Ennul Illai (2010) and I See You (2017). Arya Menon came into limelight after appearing in a supporting role in the movie Chak De! India which was based on the Indian women’s hockey team.

A Malayali by heart and birth, she has spent a major part of her childhood in boarding schools. She studied Mass Communication in Bangalore and was all set to undergo a course in film production and direction. According to the actress acting for a YRF film is a great honor.

Her role was very enlightening for her and everything was what she had expected. When asked about the experience of working alongside a star like Shahrukh Khan, she said, that it was an absolute delight working with him as he always used to give tips during the film.

She also mentioned that SRK believes and tells everyone to treat every shot like it is their last shot they are going to give in front of the camera. In an interview when asked about her thoughts on doing regional and south Indian projects, the actress exclaimed that it is a conscious decision and she had already decided to work in South Indian Films.

She wanted to star in South Indian movies, given the fact that the opportunities keep coming her way and as long as the offers are up to her expectation. She is not fluent but comfortable with some South Indian languages. She is also very familiar the South Indian customs and culture. The entertainer is acting in some upcoming Telugu movies.

The first one is a love story directed by Srinivas Balla along with co-star Shashank. There is a difference between her role as Gul Iqbal and her current character. Gul Iqbal, was a supporting role while this film features her as the main protagonist.

The person she is portraying is a very dignified and confident girl who happens to be very sure of herself. Apart from this film she did get some offers but rejected them as they are not quite up to her mark. Arya wants to do roles that have more of an impact, rather than doing roles which have just singing and dancing.

She even tried hosting a show but realized that hosting is not one of her strong sides and did not excite her much. Post Chak De India she moved to Bombay, and she considers it to be one of the principal changes in her life.

With an unfinished scholarship, nothing much has happened in her life says the star. In her personal life, she is very quiet and reserved and does not open up that easily. Unless it is her family or her closest friends, she does not feel comfortable to open up.

Here are some facts about the actress based on an interview cum talk-show, three of her favorite actors are Aamir Khan, Jack Nicholson and Christian Bale, and Movies like Love Story (Arthur Hiller), Across The Universe, Munich, IL Positino, etc. are the performer’s all-time favorites.