The beautiful and attractive Alyzeh Gabol is a Pakistani model. She is famous for her pretty and charming face as well as her bold and confident personality. She is the favorite of all Pakistani’s, as her beauty has created the magic amongst everybody in Pakistan, especially youngsters. She is a competition for other girls of her age, and inspiration for those who wish to be a model. She was born and brought up in Pakistan and is the most angelic and classy girl of the country. Her friends call her Aly. Like every girl of her age, she too loves traveling, shopping and listening to music. She loves to dance and swim during her free time and has even learned horse riding. Not only has she impressed people by her appealing face but she has gained attention through her acting also. She was also seen in the commercial ads of Minute Maid and Hamdard Ki Safi.

The companies must have earned a lot, as her cute face can impress anybody. She was seen in the famous song ‘Ishq Be Parwah’ by the Punjabi singer, Bilal Saeed Bilal Saeed also known as Mohammed Bilal Saeed was >> Read More... Bilal Saeed . The touching and emotional song ‘Kyun Gayee’ by Farhan Saeed also saw Aly as the lead girl in the video. She has even acted in the music video ‘Narar Aaah.’ Alyzeh Gabol is a top model and thus promotes fashion. She is the youngest and prettiest model of Pakistan. She has given guest appearance in the show ‘Kabhi Na Kabhi’ which stars on Hum TV. She was also seen in the drama serial ‘Humnasheen.’ Alyzeh is passionate about modeling, and she wishes to be amongst the top models. She says that if she had not been a model, she would have been a textile business woman.

She was lucky that her fate took her where she wanted to go and so, she has worked with all the top designers in Pakistan, and has done more than eighty shows and fifty photoshoots. She even did a fashion show with the most famous brands amongst girls, ‘Mango.’ Despite her star status, she loves to be with her friends and family and loves Switzerland as a holiday spot. Her elegance and glamor will surely make her the top most model of the world.