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Sudesh Mhashilkar is an Indian actor and a director. He has been a part of many movies and plays. He likes theatre and has played roles in dramas. He also loves television. He has played roles in many plays such as Amchya Sarkhe Amhich, Comedy Express COMEDY EXPRESS is a reality TV show that conducts >> Read More... , Fu bai Fu, etc. He has even directed dramas like Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asa, Toss, Langology, Mazi Aai Ticha Ba.

He plays supporting actor roles in the movies. He is well known by the audience for his work in Tee Ticha Dalda Aani Madhala, it reflects one of his best works. His Marathi play Langology, which is a comedy-drama based on the complexities people face in marriage.

Langology is a drama that has lured the audience towards it and made them fall in love with the show. The couple fighting over small things and the scenarios created by him in the show has even inspired people with struggles with life. How the little things mean and make up big things in life. The drams depict how strife replaces love. 

Fu bai Fu is another Marathi show that has gained a huge fanbase by the new talent showcased on the show, which has made the audience lure towards itself. It is a stand-up-comedy platform for people. It has been a huge success. The platform to showcase talent, people have loved it tremendously. Many have gained fame through the show, including Vaibhav Mangle.

He has also worked as a supporting actor in the movie Rajkaran which was released in 2014. It is a movie about the idealistic ideology of warring scions. He has also marked his presence on the show Chala Hawa Yeu Dya.