Homi Wadia was born on 22nd May 1958 in Surat, Gujarat. Homi was born in a Parsi family. Homi since his childhood had great interest in movies and filmmaking. He completed his schooling in Surat and for his graduation and college degree he moved to Mumbai. Homi studied BA in economics from Jai Hind college, Mumbai.

Being in Mumbai was the main catalyst that got Homi’s mind into working in the film industry one day. It was a time when Hindi cinema and TV industry was just emerging to the scene, and Homi was getting attracted to enter the industry.

Throughout his college life, Homi participated and acted in various stage plays and theater shows. Homi went on to produce numerous theatre and stage shows like Shukra Mangal, Family Album, Baaj, Tathastu etc. Homi wanted to star in movies, but his first work in the industry came as a producer in 1974’s Hanuman Vijay.

The movie was very low budget but it faired well with the audience and thus Homi started to make a name for himself. His next film in 1975 was Toofan aur Bijlee which Homi directed himself. As gradually Homi started releasing and producing more movies he started getting recognition in the industry. Homi was not only producing just movies, he had his hands in other variants as well.

Homi produced numerous commercials like Agril Tiles, SK Masala, Kamlesh Jewelers and many more. He also produced TV series both in Hindi and Gujarati. Some of the most popular were Philips Top 10, Asambhav, X Zone and Shapath.

Homi was also responsible for producing some of the first ever Tele Plays, a multi camera stage plays which were released by Shemaroo on DVDs and CDs. Apart from producing, Homi also directed many projects. He directed some episodes on famous TV serials like Maano Ya Na Maano, Suspense Saturday, Thriller at 10 and many others. Similarly Homi would direct the many commercials and stage plays and tele plays that he was producing.

As an actor, Homi made his official debut on the silver screen in 1990 in M. Aashiqui. He has played supporting roles in almost al the movies in which he is credited as an actor. He went on to act in over 15 movies in both Hindi and Gujarati language. Presently Homi is overseeing many projects as a producer and he is one of the most successful Gujarati businessmen around.