Azaad Irani Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 23-11-1938
  • Age : 82
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Azad Irani is a film actor born on 23rd November 1938. Azad was born in Mumbai in one of the two Zoroastrian communities settled in India and Pakistan. Talking about his love life, he is married, and he has a son named Melvin Irani. Azad initiated his career from the B-Grade jungle/ stunt film 'Zimbo' in 1958, which became a great success at the box-office. He was among the Zoroastrian actors who dominated in early Indian cinema. He persisted in his career as a famous stunt hero along with Dara Singh Dara Singh was born on November 19, 1928 in Dharmu >> Read More... Dara Singh and performed in many B-Grade ventures such as ‘Lady of the Lake’ in 1960, ‘Tarzan Aur Gorilla’ in 1963, ‘Zimbo comes to Town’ in 1960, etc.

At the beginning of the 1970s, when the popularity of stunt and jungle films initiated to fade, he switched his career from those to cameo roles. He could not make success in it due to which he dwindled into oblivion at the beginning of the 80s. Furthermore, he acted in numerous films such as Dav Pech, Mar Mitenge, Jutha Sach, etc. He diagnosed with a terrible disease named Parkinson's disease in 2001 while he is continuously fighting from it as a prosperous warrior. Nowadays, he is living with his wife and son in Maryland, USA.