Ayaan Ahmad is the son of famous director Tanvir Ahmad. Ayaan is popular for his role in the 2010 movie ‘Ada A way of life.’ ‘Ada…..A way of life’ is a Hindi musical film written and directed by Tanvir Ahmad. The film stars the debuting actor Ayaan Ahmad; the director’s son. It has a new script as well as different actors. ‘Ada…..A way of life’ also stars Nauheed Cyrusi The bubbly and charming girl Nauheed Cyrusi made h >> Read More... Nauheed Cyrusi , Rahul Roy Rahul Roy is a well-known Indian model-turned-acto >> Read More... Rahul Roy , and Ayesha Julka. The movie is about the story of Ayaan, son of Anil Anand and Aamina. Ayaan gets very upset when his father receives threats from some criminals if he goes ahead with his testimony.

His murder sets Ayaan to take revenge against the criminals, and finally, he becomes a contract killer. Oscar winner AR Rehman composed the songs for ‘Ada…..A way of life’. It took him eight full years for the making and completion of the songs that began in 2001.

Ayaan confesses that he never wanted to an actor but wanted to be a director instead. Ayaan has also starred in ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. In a recent interview, AR Rehman speaking about Ayaan said that he is happy to see young and new actors having different talents rather than the same actors. He also stated that Ayaan was perfect for the character that he played in ‘Ada…..A way of life’