Arfi Lamba Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor
Arfi Lamba belongs to that category of actors who like to be talked about more in respect of the theatre and stage rather than mainstream commercial cinema, although in case of Arfi he first shot into limelight through the immensely famous and award winning “ Slumdog Millionaire Click to look into! >> Read More... Slumdog Millionaire ”, back in 2008. However, the more discerning followers of his career would anytime concede that “Slumdog Millionare” just happened when he was still focused more on his theatre career. Having been part of the Ank Theatre Group of the famous theatre personality Dinesh Thakur Veteran theater actor-director Dinesh Thakur is kn >> Read More... Dinesh Thakur , it is quite natural that Arfi has a strong love for theatre, and this trait can be noticed even in the subsequent two films in which he has acted. Whereas “ Prague Click to look into! >> Read More... Prague ” is an out and out psychological drama based on the hallucinatory tendencies of the protagonist, an architect, “ Fugly Click to look into! >> Read More... Fugly ” once again is a seemingly frivolous movie with a deep satirical message on societal ills. Unfortunately, in spite of good individual performances in these two movies, none of them could impact the minds of the audiences anywhere close to his first landmark movie. Arfi does not shed any tears on the non success of his later films, focused as he has always been on theatre. In fact, he has been concentrating more on international theatre and film projects, some of which include “Pollutant” as well as “Last Summer”. His other fascination has been with Punjabi films, not surprising for a lad hailing from Moga in Punjab. But what matters more for him is really not the length or quantity of appearances, but the quality of his performance. In any case, he is not the type who frets over lost opportunities, or lack of them. After all, he has his own production team and has the option of picking and choosing his own roles and projects, and in the worst case can use his own production house for his ventures. All this does not, however, mean that he lacks ambition or does not at all want to make a name in the world of glamour. Secretly he also nurtures an ambition to see his name on the top of the bill boards.