There have been a few cases in the entertainment world where promising careers have been cut short by the cruel hands of death. So was the case of the predominantly Marathi actor Anand Abhyankar, when he met with a fatal car accident while returning to Mumbai, along with fellow actor Akshay Pendse. Earlier in life, following the Marathi tradition, he had started off with a promising theatre career, while he was studying in Pune, where he had shifted from his home town Nagpur.
As he joined more and more theatre groups, his name spread far and wide in the Marathi theatre world, his first commercial play being a comedy. Incidentally one of his co stars in this play happened to be Mohan Joshi Mohan Joshi was born in 4th September 1945 on Bang >> Read More... Mohan Joshi who also became famous in Hindi films and TV serials. Anand’s very first play went on to run for over 1000 shows, establishing him firmly on the Marathi stage.
Moving forward in his stage career, Abhyankar got the opportunity to feature in one more record breaking Marathi play, “Aai Retire Hotey”. This play narrowly missed the 1000 shows mark. With Anand’s name spreading across the state, it did not take much time for him to get roles in Marathi films as well. 
However, it was Mahesh Manjrekar Mahesh Manjrekar is a renowned actor, director and >> Read More... Mahesh Manjrekar who brought him into the world of Hindi films, through two of his own directorial ventures, “Vaastav” (1999) and “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain” (2000), at the time Abhyankar had become a well known name in Marathi cinema, known for his acting abilities. Anand crossed over to Marathi TV in a big way only much later in 2009 after a solitary performance in Doordarshan many years earlier. The TV performance that hogged the limelight was his role in “ Asambhav Click to look into! >> Read More... Asambhav ” (2009), portraying the role of an 85 year old Parkinson’s disease afflicted person with his trembling mannerisms looking almost lifelike.
Although from his very first stage appearance Anand had a penchant for comic themes, he went on to prove through his variety of roles spread across theatre, movies and serials that he was a multi talented actor, and perhaps his best roles that would have come after further maturity was forever lost for his fans, due to his untimely an unfortunate death.
Amit Bhalla Hindi Actor

Amit Bhalla

The Hindi film industry is replete with actors and actresses who have for long acted in bits and pieces roles and always been on the fringe lines, never able to break into even the third level, after the hero and second lead actors. One such case is that of Amit Bhalla, who has to his credit a quite a few hit movies in which he had acted, but never came into reckoning for longer roles. His total film career spanned almost seventeen years and had eight films, starting in 1989 with his debut film “Tridev” and ending in 2006 with a less famous film called “The Killer”.He has mostly been cast in the roles of henchmen of the respective main villains in these films, whether it was Gulshan Grover or Amrish Puri. The interesting thing about the films in which he has featured is that most of them have been multi starrers, and in some of them like “Qayamat,- City Under Threat “ (2003), he has acted with Ajay Devgan, Sunil Shetty, Sanjay Kapoor, Chunky Pandey and Arbaaz Khan – no wonder the audience would have missed him with so many other male stars to contend with. He seems to have been cast with Naseeruddin Shah in quite a number of films – “Mohra”, “Tridev” and “Vishwatma” and with Sunil Shetty and Sunny Deol also, he has been cast in two films each.Out of his eight films, at least two have been big hits (“Mohra” and “Tridev”), but still, he was unable to find a niche for himself. He could not actually model himself on the lines of any of the mainstream actors of his time. In some of his non villainous roles, however, he has tried to give a Mithun Chakraborty type of performance, perhaps noticing the similarity in looks from certain angles.His film career is now almost 10 years behind him. Sitting in his Andheri West flat he must be wondering what went wrong, in spite of so many opportunities. Perhaps like many others like him, he could have tried his hand at roles on the small screen. Who knows, he may have been still seen in character roles in some of the multiple serials that seem to be spawning out every second month!