Ajinkya Dev or Ajinkya Deo is a prominent actor in Marathi and Hindi Cinema. He is also a TV artist and script writer. Acting was not a new field to him as he got this talent from his parents Ramesh Deo Ramesh Deo is one of the best known actors from In >> Read More... Ramesh Deo and Seema Deo Seema Deo is an actress who has predominantly perf >> Read More... Seema Deo who are quite well known faces in Hindi and Marathi Cinema. His younger brother Abhinay Deo Abhinay Deo is an Indian commercial director who l >> Read More... Abhinay Deo is a noted Hindi film director. Ajinkya was also handling the chair of Executive Director of ‘Prahbhat’, a Marathi Entertainment TV channel when it was launched in March 2001. The channel could not sustain and got closed in 2002.

He started his movie career with a Marathi movie named as ‘Ardhangi’. He was in the lead role and the movie was released in 1985. He also appeared as “Dr. Rajesh” in another Marathi movie titled ‘Vahinichi Maya’ in the same year. The next year, he was seen in a Marathi movie, named as ‘Shabbas Sunbai’.

In 1987, he did three Marathi movies – ‘Sarja’, ‘Majha Ghar Majha Sansaar Bio coming soon >> Read More... Sansaar ’ and ‘Kashyasathi Premasathi’. ‘Sarja’ won the National Film Award for the Best Feature Film in Marathi during the 35th National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards in the year 1987, where he played the role “Sarja”. At the same time, he also started getting offers from Hindi cinema and in the same year, he also appeared in two Hindi Movies – ‘Sansaar’ and in ‘Kachchi Kali’. In 1988, he appeared in another Hindi movie, named ‘Sone Pe Suhaaga’ as “Dr. Prem”.

In 1989, he appeared in a Hindi movie ‘Chaska’ and in 1990 he donned the role of “Inspector Vijay” in a movie titled, ‘Pyasi Nigahen’. In 1991, there were four movies released – ‘Indrajeet’, ‘Jasa Baap Tashi Poore (Marathi), ‘ Bandhan’ (Hindi) and ‘Humne Pyar Kiya’ (Hindi). By that time, he had gotten established in the Hindi movie industry and started getting roles frequently and of versatile nature. Since then, he has acted in a number of movies in both Hindi and Marathi languages. His noteworthy appearances are: as “Ramakant Narvekar aka Ramya” in ‘Avgat’ (Hindi, released in 2001), as “Raja Oberoi” in ‘Gair’ (Hindi, released in 1999) and as “Akash” in ‘Wajva Re Wajva’ (Marathi, released in 1993).

He acted in a TV movie named ‘The Peacock Spring’ which released in 1996. This TV movie, where he played the role of “ Vikram Singh Vikram Singh is an Indian born actor. He hails fro >> Read More... Vikram Singh ”, was in English language. He was also credited for writing the screenplay of a Marathi movie, ‘Ek Krantiveer: Vasudev Balwant Phadke’, which was released in 2007.

In 2013 he was seen in a movie ‘ David’. He has also been part of a TV drama, named ‘24’ which is based on an American TV Series of the same name. He performed the role of “Kartik Chandrashekhar or Abhay Gupta” in this serial which is believed to be one of the most expensive TV shows ever produced in India. The first season which was telecasted from Oct 2013 to Dec 2013 on Colors TV, was directed by his brother Abhinay Deo. The second season is slated to be aired late in 2016.

Ajay Parekh Hindi Actor

Ajay Parekh

Ajay Parekh is a talented actor in Bollywood who has appeared in one of the most favorite Hindi soap operas, “Hamari Devrani”. The show was aired in the year 2011 on Star Plus and went on to broadcast over nine hundred episodes, over two seasons. The story is based on a poor girl who has been tagged to be extremely unlucky, due to the unfortunate fact that her mother passed away during the time of her birth. As she grows, she becomes a lonely person. She is soon asked to marry a member of a very prominent family. And she was chosen because of her naïve character, hoping that she would not be greedy enough to go after their wealth and would be subordinating to all the others. But later on, her innocence wins everyone over as she grows to be everyone favorite. But due to another unfortunate turn of events, she dies during childbirth, and the rest of the story is being carried over by her daughter. The character that Ajay Parekh plays in this sweet yet cunning drama is of “Mukesh Nanavati”. In this entertaining romantic drama, Ajay Parekh didn’t fail to reach up to the standards that were expected of him. On the contrary, he was able to put forth an amazing performance, even higher than what might have been asked of him. This just goes on to prove the dedication this actor has and the passion he has for acting. No other actor would have been able to give the character of “Mukesh Nanavati” as much life and as much depth as done by Ajay Parekh. There was no better choice for this role to be played other than him. Since all little things count, even the smallest of characters would bring a remarkable effect on the big picture. And due to the exceptional skills of Ajay Parekh, there was a huge effect on the entire outlook of the picture.


Kavi Shastri

Kavi Shatri is a British actor. He was born on 19th February, 1985 in United Kingdom. His parents are from Gujarat. He was married to Sherryl Wiltshire. He went to drama school at the age of 9. He did few English movies and TV shows as well. He worked in theatre, radio shows and cameos in British TV shows like The Bill, Holby City, etc. He was stereotyped because of his color of skin. So he decided to come to India. He acted with Naseeruddin Shah and Kirron Kher in a movie but that movie didn’t released. But it was the great experience for him to work with two legends of bollywood. After that he debuted in the movie “Love Aaj Kal” in 2009. He acted as a Jaat in the movie. Then he acted as Preity’s Ex-Boyfriend in the movie “Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge” in the year 2011. In the year 2013 he acted in two movies “Aurangzeb” as Inder and “Main Aur Mr. Right” as Shaunit. He acted with famous actors like Rishi Kapoor and Jackie Sherof in the movie Aurangzeb. Recently he was seen in the movie “Amit Sahni Ki List” as Pushkar. He shared the screen with Vir Das. He acted as a best friend of Amit in the movie. Kavi started his career with Vir Das in the movie Love Aaj Kal. He did his first dance number with Vir only and second also with him. They worked together in few shows like Battle of the sexes, History of India. They both did some stand-up comedies together. They know each other from last 8 years. He also worked in few English movies like It Could Be, Popcorn. He also worked in English TV shows like “Holby City” as Asaf, “U Get Me” as Ash, “Fairy Tales” as Sid for BBC One. He also worked in Indian daily soaps like “Rishtey.com” as Rohan Mehra, “Kismat” as Vikram for Sony India. He hosted a show for Bindass channel “Love By Chance”.

Kavi Shastri Hindi Actor