Birthday: 1880
Date of death: 1962


Aashraf Khan, or popularly known to be the “actor, turned into a Sufi saint”, has not only shared his talents on screen, but has also spread his radiance all around him. He has been bringing smiles to his viewers from 1940 and has never failed to do so until his death. After his father’s painful demise, he started off by doing small jobs to support his family. And thus, he became a shepherd. While tending to his sheep, he used to sing aloud in his most melodious voice, and this was fortunately picked up by a Gujarati drama company, who asked him whether he would be interested in working with them.

From there on, it was a period of good fortune for him, as he not only sang for them, but also started playing small roles until he climbed to the position of playing the lead. Even though Aashraf’s mother tongue was Urdu and Pushtu, he was able to grasp the Gujarati language with utmost ease. He has done about five thousand dramas, and thanks to this mind boggling experience that he had on stage, he was given a chance to shine on screen.

He had been playing the role of a hero until he decided he wanted to play more of character roles. He has starred in a dozen movies, out of which he is well known for the movie “Roti” (1942), where he played the role of a mad professor. It was during the filming of “Roti”, that Aashraf took a spiritual turn when he met Ghulam Sarwar. He had excited his audience till the end, which was in 1962. The last stage show that he performed in was ‘Dhoraji’, in Gujarat. Even after his death, thousands of his viewers remember him.

He has been able to influence his viewers even in his absence. With his charm and that melodious voice, added with his exceptional acting skills, he continues to stay in every film lover's heart forever more.

A. Kannan Hindi Actor

A. Kannan

A Kannan is a skilled actor who put forth amazing acting skills in the old time favorite patriotic Hindi serial “Fauji”. The serial was aired in the Indian subcontinent in the year 1988 and instantly topped the charts. The serial is of a patriotic content and is still a huge part of the Indian television series as it represents the patriotic acts for India done by all the hardworking and dedicated soldiers. The series starred Shahrukh Khan, A Kannan, and many other prominent actors. In this serial, A Kannan plays the role of a soldier, the hero’s (played by Shahrukh Khan) friend. A joyous young commando in training which is full of life, and with the course of time, turns into a tough a powerful soldier who serves for the betterment of his country. This 13 episode serial made a huge break for Kannan. This dedicated actor was able to establish the role of a commando in training and the transformation into an able commando. He had put in a lot of effort, and all this was thankfully paid off when he came to be well appreciated for what he did. This action-packed drama series was directed by R K Kapoor, an eminent director. When A Kannan was handed his role by little did he know how importantly Kannan took his role. He worked hard to give life to the character and mold it into perfection. A Kannan had put a lot of thought and work into his assigned role. Big or small a role, it was Kannan’s will to make it into an extraordinary experience, both for him and for his viewers. The series was a big hit throughout the country, and proved the might of A Kannan as an incredible actor and is a valuable asset to the Indian film/ television industry.


Abdul Mannan

Abdul Mannan is a famous and charming Pakistani model and actor. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Abdul also does professional photography and owns the company Monark Photography. Before coming into showbiz, he was in the profession of psychiatry. He also enjoys swimming, boxing, bungee jumping, diving, cycling and playing chess, to name a few. Abdul is an expert in the game of chess. His first job was for the post of manager in the telecommunications company, Telenor. He got his first portfolio for modeling made by Khawar Riaz. His first advertisement was for Don Carlos shoes. Abdul has modeled for some famous brands like Amir Adnan, Dawood Faizan, Levis, Bonanza, Charcoal, Borjan, Dulha House, Cougar, Nabeel & Aqeel, and Uniworth, among others. According to him, modeling has taught him a lot of things. Modeling allowed him to realize his photography skills and knowledge about the lens, the lighting and the various techniques. Mannan has also acted in some drama serials. One of his dramas was ‘Mil Ke Bhi Hum Na Mile’. In that serial, Abdul was the antagonist, playing the character of a painter from abroad who came to Pakistan for revenge against his biological father. The show was on the air in 2012 on Geo TV. He stated that the best part of acting is that it makes the character alive and allows the actor to use his talent for doing so. Abdul enjoys the emotional, action and comic parts of acting. He also bagged a role in the movie ‘Kaptaan’, directed by Faisal Aman Khan. ‘Kaptaan’ is a biopic movie based on the life of the famous politician, former cricketer and founder of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), Imran Khan. Abdul Mannan is playing the protagonist in the movie. The film covers life events and achievements of Imran Khan, and his spectacular leading of the Pakistani cricket team to the win in the 1992 World Cup, under his captaincy. The film is yet to be released. Abdul once said that the most important thing in his life is his family, without them, he would probably be nothing. He has a rough exterior, but a gentle and kind heart. Abdul Mannan’s wish is to be an international boxer. He is very fond of kids. Mannan fears of swimming in deep waters and also standing in the dust, even for a few moments, as it makes him uneasy and makes it hard for him to breathe. His favourite food is gurr (jaggery) rice with desi ghee, and he is capable of cooking that too. He finds Syra Yousuf (Pakistani actress, model and VJ) a perfect fit to be his ideal lady and her smile mesmerising. Mannan’s preferred holiday destinations are Cape Town (South Africa), Naran (Pakistan) and Neelum Valley.

Abdul Mannan Hindi Actor