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‘Aanaahad’ was born on 29th of November, 1982. He is a famous Bollywood actor, who is active in the film industry since 2010. His personal life is very minimally known to us. Although he states that while he was in college pursuing graduation, he realized is inherent capability and potentiality in the field of acting. Thus, embarked on his journey and came to Bombay and began assisting a director. It was an accident of fate that he met the director, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, who saw Aanaahad’s capability in acting in his film, ‘Lahore’, and thus, read the script to him.

Soon, the contract was signed, and flagging for the shooting of the movie at several locations, for instance Delhi, Mumbai, Lahore, Ladakh, Lonavala, Ghatkopar, and many others.

The film, ‘Lahore’, got released on 19th March, 2010, and broke the shackles of national boundary and was internationally acclaimed. The film was produced with the collaboration of Sai Om Films Pvt. Ltd. and Warner Bros Pictures. The movie gets its basic concept from the American martial arts film titled," Best of the Best."

It is essentially a sport's drama of 126 minutes that casted Aanaahad and Shraddha Das as the main leads. The film projected former film actors and actresses like Farooq Sheikh, Nafisa Ali, Nirmal Pandey, and Sushant Singh, among many others in the key roles.

The film emerged as a commercial and critical success. It was a big hit and set ablaze the international community. It sweeped mostly all the international awards of the year. It was awarded the Special Jury Award at the 42nd Houston International Film Festival. Lahore got six nominations at the Asian Festival, Singapore. The film also got felicitated at the 57th National Film Awards.

The film proved to be lucky for Aanaahad, as it was his very first project in the acting line. He won international recognition and became the spotlight in the worldwide arena. He was awarded the Best Actor at the International film festival held at Salento in Italy. Also, he was facilitated as the Best Actor for the movie Lahore, at the Tenerife International Film Festival, held in the United Kingdom. The Asian Festival, Singapore, awarded him the Best Actor Prize.

It's believed that after Lahore, the actor gained widespread support from Hollywood and is currently under the training command of Hollywood's finest action director, Tony Leung Sie Hung, who supposedly directed stunts for Aanaahad’s first film, Lahore. News reports suggest that the actor is currently busy in building a superhero physique for his upcoming movie.

Aanaahad regards himself blessed and grateful. He is glad and exerts pride in stating that the film "Lahore", chose him, rather than being vice-versa. However, he states that the shooting process was a difficult one for him and the most challenging task of all times was to transform himself into a non-vegetarian. Also, his role demanded him to be fit and flexible. He explains that when one works with a storehouse of talents, the inner urge and desire to enhance self-performance arises. However, team members of the film regard Aanaahad as a determined and courageous guy possessing a bundle of talent, and this earned him much glory and fame.


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