Nikhil Arora is a North Indian professional actor and model in films, and he is also a casting director running an agency on his own. He is currently working in the Bollywood film industry and helping with finding the cast for directors and other artists. Nikhil Arora was born on 23rd of September in the year 1991. He was born and grew up in Amritsar in Punjab, India. Like a lot of citizens aspiring to become a famous actor one day, Nikhil Arora was one. So like the others to move to a metropolitan city to get recognized, he shifted to Mumbai Area in Maharashtra, India which is the focal point of the glamorous Bollywood film industry to make his dreams come true. Nikhil Arora is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Arora, and so it was easy for him to convince his family to move their location.

Nikhil Arora thought that moving to Mumbai city is a must to get into acting and this pulled him away from his hometown. He is very passionate about this art and is immensely working towards it. Nikhil Arora says that everyone has to do their part of hard work because nothing comes easy without any initial investment. After his years of hardship in the field, he got a chance to be a model. Nikhil Arora worked as a professional model and walked the ramps showcasing designs of many designers. He also received many offers to act in various TV advertisements and to pose for photo advertisements. Nikhil Arora then entered into acting and worked in few projects. After that, Nikhil Arora started a casting agency.

He was the director of this casting and modeling agency called Big Dreams R. R. Arora Casting Agency. Nikhil Arora is determined to find young talents and give them suitable roles in films, advertisements, and modeling. He keeps updating the requirements of various actors and models of the respective directors and artists to help upcoming talents to find their way in the industry. He also guides in nurturing their skills by teaching them. Speaking of his personal views, Nikhil Arora likes to watch movies like Love Story ‘Love Story’ was a series that was telecast on SAB >> Read More... Love Story . He loves to travel to mountains and forests with his friends and have a good drink. Nikhil Arora also likes to spend time with his family. As for sports, Nikhil Arora is very interested in playing badminton. He likes to sing songs, and he loves getting to know new people.