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Freddy Daruwala

Other names of Freddy Daruwala: Farhad Daruwala, Freddy
Freddy Daruwala was born in the year 1984 in Surat as Farhad Daruwala. He was born in a traditional Parsi family. He completed his schooling in St. Xavier’s High School. He got a seat to do the post graduation in Business Administration. While doing the course, he got interested in modeling and started to seek chances. He abruptly stopped his studies and visited Mumbai for his career. Saksham Mehra guided him to develop his body. While he was in Surat, he went to Gym and maintained his structure well. The popular Stallion Gym helped him in maintaining a good physique. When he was doing his modeling, he was offered with a role in a Punjabi movie. Mummy Punjabi is the name of the movie, in which he acted in the character Sam. The film failed to hit the box office; yet Freddy Daruwala was appreciated for his performance in that film. Holiday was his debut movie in Hindi. It was produced by Hari Om’s Entertainment. This movie was a military based and Freddy Daruwala acted as the head of the sleeper cell. This movie was the remake of the Tamil movie Thuppaki, stared by Vijay and directed by A. R. Murugadoss. Sher by Soham Shah Soham Shah is an Indian actor and director who is >> Read More... was his original debut movie. Due to some reasons, the movie did not get released. Freddy Daruwala’s childhood ambition was to become a cricketer or a bike racer. When he wanted to earn, he decided to opt modeling as his career. He never wanted to become an actor. But, when he was offered with a negative role in Holiday, he did not deny that. Though his cinema career started as a villain, he loves to do heroic roles. He waits for the opportunity to act in a positive kind of role in the Indian cinemas.