Deepanshu Madan Hindi Actor

Deepanshu Madan, a model turned actor made his debut on TV with Star One’s, Horror Night’s. He quit his well settled career in Banking and Finance to pursue his passion for acting. He is a self made man and sharing his passion towards acting asserted, I was completely into Banking and Finance for past 4-5 years and was working for an international company. But post modeling projects my career took a steep turn and I developed a liking towards acting. So I have planned my life well and so hold no regrets about the same.

 When asked about the kind of physical and mental changes he had to undergo prior entering the industry he said, I had to undergo lot of mental changes as this industry demands lot of patience. It has turned me into a more subtle and calm person. On enquiring whether he is interested in specific kind of roles, he says, I'm open to play any kind of character. I want to come out of my shell and experiment on anything new and challenging that comes my way. Talking about the uncertainty of the industry he said, I'm very well aware about the scenario.

I have enough contacts and backing of my previous career. If things do not work out the way I have planned, I'll get back to banking again. But I trust Rupesh Sonar who really got me into this industry. As he is from Delhi, when asked how much he is enjoying the lifestyle in Mumbai he says, I love Mumbai and it's very challenging as well as a competitive city. So it's suiting my personality trait and I'm really very happy. Also once I get settled plans are on to get my mother and brother in this city so that we can live together.