Ravikant Soitkar is an Indian editor working in the film industry known for his work on 'Ruler (2013),' 'Is Mumbai Alive?' (2012), and Ugly (2013). An individual whose confidence lies in following his heart. He is more passionate than down to earth, makes him bolder within. He tries to experience, know, and develop throughout everyday life and accomplish something capricious.

He is a person with a roaring soul. His wish is to achieve something more noteworthy in life that will give him a chance to meet new people, go to new places, help him satisfy his innovative wants and propel him to be better at it. He is a talented and pushed individual. He comprehends he needs to put in remarkable shows a day in day out, and that is the thing that he has practical experience in.

Placing everything arranged by impact, he has helped different individuals in country spaces. He is a remarkably, talented, and dynamic individual.