Suparna Ghosh is a fun loved, energetic DJ from Kolkata. She loves to play house/ Electro/ Psy among other genres and can make the crowd dance to her tune. Suparna hailed from a family that has deep roots in music. She belongs from a family where music was work shipped. Her mother and grandmother were recognized, singers. So Suparna also took an interest in musical instruments like guitar and keyboard at an early age. Later she turned that interest into her hobby and then the ‘rest was history’. Soon she ventured into the DJ arena. She has been a DJ for more than five years now. She started her career in Italy by playing in some of the clubs in Italy. Then she decided to come to India and blend her abroad experience in Indian music scenario. Her interest in music started at an early age. Suparna’s family is one of the main reason for her musical career. According to Suparna, trance is her form of a drug. Suparna is currently living in Kolkata.

Suparna is the no.1 DJ in Kolkata. She was ranked 11th best DJ in India. Her genre is Progressive House and Psy-Trance. Jai Shankara, Bollydoll, Stacy, I Want You, Million Questions, Dolores, Eres Mi Fantasia include her latest mix. Her genre is Electronic Dance Music. Suparna lives in Kolkata. Suparna is one of the 11 hottest female DJ in India. She is now one of the famous female DJ in India. She can make the crowd’s feet dance according to her tune. She is a well-recognized DJ in India. She is an active member on Facebook. She has her website She has joined Twitter recently. Her other works include shadows, Heartless, and Mirage. She was ranked no.9 in the world in her genre Psy- Trance. Suparna is one of the fastest emerging talents of the DJ circuit in Kolkata. She is gifted as she can play what the crowd and venue demands. She has lots of fans in her home country. Suparna was ranked 833 on the official DJ ranking list. Suparna is performing within fields of commercial dance music. She played for DUSK, a movement to bring together finest DJ’s in Kolkata. She has a sharp eye and extreme talent to observe the audience and make them move according to her tune. She has played at various clubs, private clubs and festivals across India. Now she is trying to showcase her talents in international circuits.

Dj RYK Hindi Actor


‘Ryk’ is an excellent DJ. He is very successful all over the country, as well as abroad. Presently, he has worked under the branch of progressive house, and electro house music. He has scored the 491st rank on the official page of the ranking list of DJs. All of us have some dreams. However, living with that dream and working hard to turn his dreams into reality is tough. Ryk is the one who lived his dreams. He had always dreamt of being a disc jockey. Ryk was born in Delhi. He grew up there. He attended schools in Delhi. He had his house parties and clubbing there. Soon, Ryk became a famous DJ in India. He had his first euphonious and grand song titled as Just Start the Music. He believed that the world is full of love and music, and everyone can grab it as much as it is required. He was very passionate about his DJ career. Ryk’s songs will surely energize you with energy, drive, focus, commitment and passion. Ryk is not only a remixer, but he is also a well-known and youngest producer. He has set all his plans to set the world with some new talent. It is said that everyone can listen to the music, but with him, one can feel the music. He not only works on a single genre or style. He had worked on different ones. His hits and albums have always kept alive in the hearts of their lovers. Presently, he is producing and DJing. He is the king of underground music. He had its release of 6 editions of his soundtrack such as Journeyer, Bollywood Breakdown, one edition of Volume 1 Euphonic, and one Official Track, in New Delhi. He also mixes UK Punjabi, Bollywood remixes, dutch house, and commercial house. His music collections have played in various DJs and radio stations all over in India, Canada, US, South Africa, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, UK, and Dubai. He initiated to come out with innovative music. His hard work led the year 2011 for him as a great year. He has several inspirations like Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Afrojack, DJ Chuckie, and Deadmau5. His performance, whether it be in live events or in clubs, have always been outstanding. He held the fifth position in India among the best DJs rankings. He had his favorite sayings that it is all about the music.


Dj Arjun Vagale

Arjun Vagale was born on 23rd October, 1978, in New Delhi, India, to a business family. Although he was very interested in music from the beginning, he wasn't very good at playing instruments his father got him at home. He did not believe in a music career earlier. Being a part of a business family has its perks, and they got to travel a lot. One fine day, when he was around the age of thirteen and was traveling with his family, he went to a nightclub in Sheraton called "Ghungroo", where he saw a performance performed by Sunny Sarid. This performance was so truly inspiring to Arjun that he decided he will take this path seriously. He soon began practicing songs and listening to other works. He also began to use bits and pieces of songs already made and mix them up to make groovy tunes out of them. Within two years, by the time he was fifteen years old, he started having his own small scale gigs and events where he performed to inspire. It was a huge achievement indeed at a very young age. These gigs and events gave him a lot of confidence, along with tons of fame and fan following through the audience. He began his music career, not just for passion, but also to inspire all the youngsters to push themselves if they have any interest in music. For this very reason, he also started an electronic music school in Delhi called I Love Music Academy. Through this school, he hopes to give and teach all he can to the new generation and to produce music talents. He did not just feel content at one academy and so he became the co-owner of another agency called "Unmute Agency", where people promote music careers. His other project would include "Jalebee Cartel", which was with three other people, namely Ash Roy, who was in charge of vocals and percussions, Gforce Arjun, who played the bass guitar, and last but not the least, Ashvin Mani Sharma, who was in charge of the work on the mixing and the synths for the song. Arjun has played music with so many famous people like Fergie, Sasha and a few more very well known artists around the world. Arjun has set a mark for people to get inspired by him and follow him in the coming years. He has also released his own record in 2010, which indeed fetched him a lot of fame. His record was called "Kill the Strings", and this record was released by a well-known production called the Alive Recordings, which made him famous in the music industry today. His other works include Do D Do, Slim Ditty, and Chicaboo, to name a few.

Dj Arjun Vagale Hindi Actor