Shiladitya Moulik Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Shiladitya Moulik is a Hindi writer and director who work in Indian film industry. Known for his film Mrs. Scooter he is a newcomer in the Hindi industry and has directed only two films till date. Mr. Moulik started his career in Bollywood with the film Breaking the Seal. Breaking the seal is a short drama directed by Mr. Shiladitya that was released in 2015 based on a question that, what will happen if one is not allowed to pee or what will be the result if one does not possess the right of peeing.

The movie was praised internationally, thus giving a great start to Mr. Moulik in his career. The other film, which is directed by Mr.Shiladitya is Mrs. Scooter. He was also one of the screenwriters of the movie. The others include Anamika Roy Chaudhary and Saarthak Juneja. The picture Mrs. Scooter is a romantic drama with the storyline where a man first marries a woman and then on the same day buys her a scooter and later he deserts both.

The picture shows the almost similar experiences in the lives of both the woman and the scooter simultaneously. The movie stars Satyakam Anand, Himanshu Kohli Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Himanshu Kohli , and Madhu Kandhari Rajesh Madhu Kandari Rajesh is an Indian-Actress. Some of >> Read More... Madhu Kandhari Rajesh in the lead role. Mrs. Scooter is also an internationally celebrated film. Mr. Moulik wishes that it is not necessary for the film to win awards, but the people of India should love the movie.

The actress in the picture who is already a national award winner wishes the same and welcomes and thanks, everyone whoever arrives at the event of the inauguration and exhibition of the music album and poster of Mrs. Scooter. Thus Shiladitya Moulik is having a great time as people are loving and praising his films not only nationally, but internationally too also giving him a great beginning in Bollywood.