Santosh Badal Hindi Actor

Santosh Badal is a creative director, writer, and film director who has been working in the Hindi entertainment industry for a long time. He is associated with Educational Films of India. It is a company that focuses on making advertisements professionally and emotionally as well. They offer advertisements in all formats, but their foremost work area is 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute. They offer their clients the option to refresh the advertisement after 6 months to keep up with their market. They have worked with notable clients like Dabur, Godrej, and Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali. He has worked with artists like Sourabh Raj Jain and Chhavi Pandey Chhavi Pandey was born on 18 July 1986 in Patna, B >> Read More... Chhavi Pandey . He received the Maharashtra Gourav Samman 2017. He has also received a national award and the 30th Paraj Sarvottam Samman Award 2017.

He hails from a village called Daudnagar. He is residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in India. He is the ZEE TV promo director and programming creative director. He is married to Shabnam Chaudhary. He is known for three films 27th December 1987, Final Match, and Kakhan Harab Dukh Mor. His other projects include Aadhi Aabadi Volleyball Cup in May 2017, Cheekh on Big Magic in 2017, Paramavatar Shree Krishna on & TV, Dashavtaar serial, and Vish.