Prakash Shrivastav Hindi Actor
Prakash Shrivastav is the birth name of the Raju Shrivastav. He was born in the city Ghazipur of the province UP in India. He is a very young boy and is famous for the talent of direction both on Television and film. He earned a lot of fame and work experience at a very young age. The basic reason for which he got fame and became popular is that, he appeared as the casting director in most of the television and film programs and projects respectively. In addition to this, he is also in the lime light, because he is the famous and a rising media founder of the fame world. Not only this, but he has also served in the post of managing director for the project of Kahani Hamare Maha Bharat Ki, which was accomplished successfully by the Balaji Telefilms. 

There are many other media partners with whom, Prakash Shrivastav has worked in association and has brought fame both for these fame world agencies. Actors and actresses and media partners are involved in this project. Other than working in the television drama projects and films, Prakash Shrivastav has also accomplished some of the very successful advertisements with the world famous brands and multi-national companies. In fact, these companies have also accepted and applauded the talent of the young boy. There a lot of opportunities and chances for him in future, to prove his talent. Basically, he is a multi faceted person with many different talents and he can also get opportunities to prove his talents. The only need is to choose the best platform and best crew through which, he can come up with a masterpiece.