Karan Makhija is an Indian Filmmaker. He is a freelance Producer, Writer and Director. He predominantly works in the Hindi Film Industry which is also considered the most grossing Indian Film Industry. He started working as a producer and actor in professional theater in his teenage. He further went on to study filmmaking, acting and digital media by gaining relevant experience. He used to support himself to earn a living by doing voice overs. He has also directed and produced corporate videos. Following which he joined the reality television. He also has a background of writing books for a few publishers and working with agencies in the marketing communications field. Karan believes that his storytelling has evolved and has been honed from numerous experiences. He is a vivid believer in the core soft skills. According to him, teamwork is the solution and time management is the essence.

The key to success of his movies is the alignment of stakeholders. Karan has revealed in several platforms that he aims to tell stories and simply entertaining people. He gains his never ending energy from his audiences and their feedback for his work. His motivation to work more builds around it. Karan Makhija is a graduate of Green lawns High School owned by the Breach Candy Trust. Karan was born and brought up in the Mumbai city itself. He completed his studies there in the year 1998. Karan was an active student and was always keen to work on various co-curricular activities. He participated frequently in debates, environmental cause acts and was also a part of the performing arts society. Furthermore, he took on roles of leadership early on and was involved in Student Administration Council too. To pursue his degree in Bachelor’s of Arts, he joined Mumbai’s much-famed college – St. Xavier’s College. He studied History and graduated first class in the year 2003.

He developed his interest in theater in his college days and started working, doing small roles. Karan is settled in the Bollywood city of India, Mumbai. He has worked actively in the city for about a decade now. In the year 2006, Karan started working as a Creative Head, Proprietor in Mooshak. He worked in the position for three years. He then became the Executive Producer of Neo Television and handled the position till May 2010. In 2013, Cine play Digital Pvt. Ltd. hired him as their Executive Producer but unfortunately, due to untold reasons, Karan left the job within six months of joining. In the subsequent year, Karan started working on scripting and joined as the Creative and Concept Supervisor in Ripple Digital. In this position, he rekindled his love for writing and tried his hand in scripting. However, this job was another addition in the long string of short-term careers. Since 2015, Karan has been working as the Director of Creative Services as a Freelancer. He is involved in Media Production, writing, creative conceptualization, production, direction and project management.