Jatin Satish Wagle

Other names of Jatin Satish Wagle: Jatin Wagle

Jatin Satish Wagle is an aspiring Indian director, writer, and producer. He is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. His alternate name is Jatin Satish Vagale. He belongs to the Marathi film industry as a tribute to his mother tongue. He is also known for screenplay and dialogue writing. He also has an elder brother. He made his debut with a Marathi film Bandh Nylon Che released on 26th Jan 2016 for which he produced himself and written it. But it has to be noted that he already directed and produced a Marathi film Chakwa in 2004 itself.

He was recognized popularly by his self-written and directed film Manjha which was released in 2017. Later he started to direct TV series in recent years named Poison and Bhaukaal (currently running). He mostly likes to write his script for the movies he would like to work as a director.