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Other names of Aneez K. M: Aneez K Mappila
Hindi Director Aneez K. M
  • Gender : Male
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Aneez K. Mappila is a national award-winning director born in Kalpetta, Wayanad a district of Kerala. His documentary film, ‘The Slave Genesis’ won the 65th National Award for Best Anthropological/Ethnographic Film. The film narrates the story of the largest scheduled tribe community of India, the Paniyars. Since ancient times, they were used as slaves by landlords or settlers to work in agricultural fields, and on coffee or pepper plantations in Wayanad.the documentary gives a deep insight into the existence struggles and other socio-cultural problems faced by the community. It took him 3 years to complete this documentary as it involved detailed scrutiny of the Paniyar community, also he single-handily made the whole documentary. The film was produced with support from DOCEDGE-Bang, Kalpetta Film Fraternity, and his banner Canopy Black.

After completing his graduation in English, he did a diploma in journalism from Calicut Press Club. He participated in a variety of short film competitions during his graduation. Aneez has worked for various NGOs taking documentaries related to Wayanad’s agriculture, biodiversity, and tribal food security. in Wayanad. Aneez created his first independent documentary, Vithappadu in 2013.


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