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Hindi Digital Creator Jay Kapoor
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Jay Kapoor is a twenty-four-year-old Digital Content Creator. Jay was born in New Delhi in May 1998. He has been creating online content ever since he was fourteen years old, which shows his interest in and passion for content creation. Jay is listed among India’s Top 100 Digital Stars of 2022, ranking at number 25. He was also one of the Top 6 YouTubers in India in 2016. He is also featured in notable websites. 

Jay Kapoor creates helpful digital tools that are mostly a product of his experimentation and curiosity. He developed a Flash Sale Helper that helps people purchase smartphones during flash sales at a discount price. This was one of his first developmental achievements. He then launched the Loot Alert app that serves a similar purpose as the first flash sale app by notifying the users about any sales or discounts on smartphones, etc.

Later, during the outbreak of coronavirus, Jay created a donation tool to help people fight against covid 19 through Twitter. His digital agency helped people across the world to donate and to search for donations by filtering the tweets on Twitter. The tweets can be filtered as per the requirements, like for beds, oxygen, food, etc. Jay also created an app in 2018 called Gbox that works as a toolkit for Instagram. It has over five million downloads. He also co-founded Mouve, which launched in 2018 and lasted till 2020. Mouve was another toolkit for Instagram that helped with animated videos, photos, etc.  

Apart from this, Jay has managed a YouTube channel since 2011 that covers all tech-related content. He offers tech solutions, tricks, tips, and hacks on various trending topics. He provides free consultations by answering as many questions as possible to help people. He also has a newsletter called “Accha Laga, Share Karo!”. 


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