Lakshman Kumbhar is a very popular and talented dancer. He is an Indian and is born and brought up in Raipur, a district in Chattisgarh. He was born in the year 2004 and started dancing at a very young age. He became famous after he participated in the show ‘ Super Dancer Nowadays Indian channels are launching too many re >> Read More... Super Dancer ,’ this show started in 2016, it is a reality TV show, which let’s young kids show their talent of dance to the world.

It was being aired on Sony Entertainment. The show was being judged by Shilpa Shetty A model turned actress, producer, entrepreneur and >> Read More... Shilpa Shetty , Geeta Kapoor Geeta Kapoor is a renowned choreographer who is ju >> Read More... Geeta Kapoor , and Anurag Basu Anurag Basu is a jack of all trade Indian film/tel >> Read More... Anurag Basu . His father is a Rickshaw Driver in Raipur, and his mother is a Housewife. His father used to earn around 300-500 a day, but when Lakshman started doing so well in the show, he too came to Mumbai to support him and be with him.

He was one of the very few who got to top 6 in the show and seeing, that someone from their community was at such a high level of success, 50 Rickshaw Drivers took out a rally requesting people to vote for him and make him win in the crucial rounds.

Lakshman’s poor and humble background helped him get a lot of votes. He studied in a government school, due to his financial conditions, but he made a name for himself, by competing with 14 lakh other participants from across India. And with his amazing performances, he cleared six different round with different dance styles and made it to the top 6 in such a big competition.

His coach and mentor Sunil Rao trained him and improved his techniques, which helped Lakshman in improving his dancing. Lakshman met his coach Sunil Rao when he was only 5, Sunil sir had seen him doing some moves and then decided to train him and see his potential, after a few days he realized that Lakshman has a lot of talent and can do better.

So now Lakshman stays with his coach learning and also assisting him with things. He has trained and worked very hard to reach where he is today. He also goes to school and tries his very best to keep up with his academics. His coach also says that Lakshman has almost reached the top, but as they say, there will always be something more to learn. His plans, for now, are to take his dancing to a higher level and make his parents proud.

Siddhant Damedhar

Siddhant is a professional dancer. He knows various forms of dance; he does contemporary, hip-hop, folk, locking and popping, freestyle and lyrical hip-hop. Siddhant learned a lot of dance forms at a very young age as he started dancing when he was just 3 or 4. He is born and brought up in Aurangabad, and has taken part in many different reality TV shows. He was a part of Dance India Dance Lil Master’s 3 in Raghav's Rockstar in which he came in top 10, Siddhant also then appeared in Super Dancer in which he was one of the few to enter in top 6. He has also started doing dance workshops with Nirmal studios, who present ‘The Grand Dance Workshop. He has become very popular at such a young age, he has various fan accounts on Instagram and is very loved by people. One of his closest friends is Yogesh Sharma who is also known for his dance. They were together in Super Dancer season 1. He loves dancing and swimming. At home, he is not treated any differently, as his parents want to give him a normal life. He also loves Prabhudeva Sir and Dharmesh sir, and his dream is to become a choreographer, just like them. He once got complimented by Prabhudeva Sir and that motivated him more than anything. He doesn’t let the fame get to him and still tries to spend as much time as possible with his family and friends. He goes to school as much as possible and tries to keep up with his academics, he is a very sincere child and does his best to make his parents proud. He is currently back in his hometown studying but he keeps doing reality TV shows in between, he is trying to balance his studies with dance and keeping his good grades as much as he can. His favorite quote is ‘They call it Dance, I call it life’.

Siddhant Damedhar Hindi Actor