Shaina NC Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 01-12-1972
  • Age : 48
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Shaina NC is also known by the name Shaina Nana Chudasama. Shaina was born on December 1 in the year 1972. Shaina NC is a politician, fashion designer and social worker. Shaina is a child of the Sheriff of Mumbai. For fashion designing and for the sari draping in attractive ways, she is famous in Indian industry of fashion. She holds a testimony in the Guinness world record book for the fastest draping of a sari. Shaina is well known as the queen of sari drapes, as she drapes sari in 54 attractive manners. Shaina is born and brought up in a multi- religion family so that they celebrate all the festivals of all religions. She is married to Manish Muno, who is a Marwari Jain, and she is the mother of two children Ayaan and Shanaya. Shaina way in to the politics in the year 2004 and then she joins the BJP. Shaina holds the place of state spoke person of BJP. She is an associate of the National Council for Executives of BJP and also a treasurer of Maharashtra unit of BJP. She is as well engages in the social workings via her all the fashion events for charities and 2 NGO’s- Giants International and I Love Mumbai. As a lady politician, Shaina is frequently expected as the young, sophisticated and women-pleasant face of the political party that is BJP in the TV debates. Shaina declares that the designing and the fashion is her profession and loving work while the selection of politics is her obsession. Shaina organizes a large number of charity events to increase funds for the well-being of physically challenged and disable children. Since the year 2002, Shaina NC and the CPAA that is Association for the aid of cancer patients are arranging a fashion event every year to increase the funds. So, that they can make treatment of patients of cancer and also arranges some programs for the awareness of cancer.