Surjeet Bansal Hindi Actor

Surjeet Bansal is a contestant of ' Just Dance Just dance was a dance reality show aired on Star >> Read More... Just Dance .' The 24-year-old Surjeet did not pursue his higher secondary schooling and unambiguously moved towards his dreams of being a dancer. Surjeet belongs to a 'Gujjar' family in Delhi. His family business bunged due to a loss.

At the beginning of his career, his parents did not give him any support but, when he started making capital, his family approved his career. Surjeet is now married and blessed with a baby boy. Surjeet admires Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan with his unimaginable dance moves i >> Read More... Hrithik Roshan ; He was eventually starting adoring dance when he saw Hrithik Roshan's film ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.'

Surjeet is an untutored dancer and works as a stern dancer in a dance group. Because of his wife enforcement he tried his felicity in 'Just Dance. 'But he did not make it. He believed that God had an alternative arrangement for him. And within a couple of days, he entered 'Just Dance' again through a wild card entry.

He gave his best after his come back. For him, Dance is an autonomy of expression. During his journey in the show, Hrithik gave him the recognition of ‘Sirji of Dance ‘that is how he became ‘Surjeet Sirji’. He did not won the show but came second, His dance, strong work passion, and poise that he is now a well-known dancer of India.

At present, he owns a dance academy in Delhi dispersing his flair and fame all over. Surjeet Sirji dance academy won the award of the best dance academy in Delhi and NCR within a year. The academy also does stage shows and are linked with many MMC's.