Preetjot Singh

Other names of Preetjot Singh: Preetjyot Singh

Preetjot Singh is this young lad’s name who is filled with the passion for dance and only dance. His interest and motivation right now is only dance and is known by many at this young age. Ranchi is the place where a small boy, who coaxed many hearts through dance in the colors tv as well as the people watching it, was born before 11 years- in 2005. Somo tutting and hip hop are his styles of performance. He had an experience of 3 years in dance that motivated him to achieve greater heights in dance at this age. He is a very chirpy person. Also to be specified that he is a very naughty and mischievous one too. As any kid says, he is one among the society of young boys who hates studying and loves to play and dance.

His small interest in dancing made him famous at such a younger age. Rahgiri was a talented show that popped up in Ranchi, the hometown of our hero. This served as a platform where numerous people with talents and skills would give back their views of life to the society. It was then they interviewed Preetjot Singh who led his passion take control over his life. He sequentially made his way to greater heights starting from the zee tv channel. He hit the semi-finals of the non-fiction show ‘India’s best Dramebaaz’ which starred on Zee tv. He had hit the dance floor with his best efforts in the show Dance Matlab Boogie Woogie Click to look into! >> Read More... Boogie Woogie , which is a dance show starred on Sony at 8:30 pm.

He played the role of an anchor in the Sony entertainment for the show ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’. He stood amidst the hosts Mona and Krishna in this entertainment reality show. He hit the fame list through his dance at the dance show Boogie Woogie and his naughtiness and playful actions melted many hearts. Adding fame onto his trophies, he was the winner of the Dance Bangla Dance on the Zee Bangla. At such a small age, he proves that dedication towards your interest and passion would uplift you to greater heights. He plays as an example to many young minds and souls and especially to those who are not interested in studying. He has shown the world the skills and power of a child and how influential could he be at such a younger age.