Ashwin Chaudhuri

Other names of Ashwin Chaudhuri: Ashwin Chaudari

Ashwin Chaudhuri is a 28-year-old Nagpur lad. He runs a marriage bureau. He was one among the 16 contestants in a unique kind of reality show conducted by NDTV in 2009 called “RAKHI KA SWAYAMVAR” were the participants need to woo Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Sawant, the well-known drama queen of the In >> Read More... Rakhi Sawant . Shooting for the reality show took place in Udaipur. Sharing about his feelings, Chaudhuri says that he was lucky and excited about being one of the finalists in the show and that he hoped to stay long enough so as to spend more time with Rakhi and get to know her well. Ashwin further states that he did not think that proposing an item girl like Rakhi will harm his reputation in any manner. When asked about the same, he admits that, as he was the eldest son, his parents were initially worried that Ashwin would shift to Mumbai once he gets married, but now they trust him and that they want him to be happy and also support his decisions.

In a recent interview, when Ashwin was asked as to why he was attracted to the show he said that it was a dream come true for him to be able to know and meet Rakhi, a big celebrity. He also stated that Rakhi is beautiful and innocent, and it was her frankness and straightness that attracted him to the show as well as to her. Ashwin also was not cynical about Rakhi doing item numbers if she becomes his bride as he thinks that it is her job, and he is not against her profession. Ashwin is a frank, intelligent, simple God fearing person. He is also very understanding and responsible and thus he felt that he was the best match for Rakhi. He even confessed that Rakhi would be a good wife who shall manage both professional and personal life. He was very confident about winning the show but Elesh Parujanwala Elesh Parujanwala is a Canadian-based NRI Business >> Read More... Elesh Parujanwala from Toronto, Canada, an NRI was declared as the winner.