It is very rare that in the entertainment industry one can come across female entertainers, let alone comedians. Komal Naz is one of them. She is a Pakistani stage actress, who was born and brought up in Pakistan. Komal, from a very early age, was enthusiastic towards performing onstage. Being a female she went through rejections, but didn’t give up. It is her courage and perspective that allowed her to become a performer onstage and become massively recognized. The versatility in her expressiveness and her strong comic timing makes her an outstanding artist amongst others. The performances she has done so far include Ticket to Hollywood in 2009, Aashiqui Meri Teri in 2008, a parody of the movie ‘ Devdas Click to look into! >> Read More... Devdas ’, and her latest was Kamli in 2014.

Other than acting, she is also known for her onstage Mujra. Mujra is dance form which originated during the Mughal era. It was considered to be vulgar as it was mostly performed by courtesans to impress the kings. Her journey was not an easy one. In a conservative country like Pakistan, where women are not even allowed to be educated, Komal has made a mark for herself, being the sole female entertainer in the industry. She is proud of everything she has achieved so far. She is still on stage performing, dancing and entertaining the world, making a niche for herself. In the future her name will be taken for all those females who might think less of themselves; it is high time that we have equality in everything and anything.