Ashraf Ul Haq

Other names of Ashraf Ul Haq: Ashraf-Ul-Haque, Ashraful Haque
Ashraf Ul Haq Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 03-11-1969
  • Date of death: 17-02-2015
  • Star Sign : Scorpio
Other Skills

Ashraf Ul Haque was born on 3rd November, 1969, in Goalpara, Assam, India. Ashraf was an Indian actor and comedian, and has been in many big budget movies. He was a brilliant actor with excellent comic timing. Ashraf is famous for his dacoit roles and has also done multiple drug addict roles in different movies. He graduated from the National School of Drama. Ashraf has appeared in various TV commercials too, one of them being for Maaza. In this ad, he complains about losing his buffalo to the local commissioner of the town, which was an incredible ad, and Ashraf was fantastic.

In 2012, Ashraf appeared in ‘ Talaash Click to look into! >> Read More... Talaash ’, along with stars like Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan , Kareena Kapoor Khan Kareena Kapoor is a super hit actress working in I >> Read More... Kareena Kapoor Khan , and Rani Mukerji Rani Mukerji is one of the most celebrated Indian >> Read More... Rani Mukerji . The movie revolves around the accident of an actor, Armaan Kapoor. Due to unavoidable reasons, his car crashes into the sea while he was trying to avoid something. The plot becomes more and more complicated for the cop to understand why Mr. Kapoor had to divert his car’s path and how he accidentally drowns in the sea. With utter difficulty inspector Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) finds out the reason for the accident is something supernatural. The theme of the movie is that “the dead comes to those who are troubled”.

Ashraf also starred in Delhi Belly Click to look into! >> Read More... Delhi Belly , a 2001 movie released under Aamir Khan Productions, which received an average response by the critics, but became very popular among the youth. He also appeared on Black Friday, ‘ Deewar Deewar is a Hindi serial broadcasted on DD Nationa >> Read More... Deewar ’, ‘ Company Click to look into! >> Read More... Company ’, Manjhi-The Mountain Man, etc. In 2013, Ashraf was seen in ‘ Fukrey Click to look into! >> Read More... Fukrey ’, a movie about four Delhi boys who are in a hurry to make easy money in order to fulfill their dreams. Ashraf portrays a stealer who continues to steal from Lalli, one of the Fukrey members, and later explains to him that he has a successful business with around 12 shops in the area, but is unhappy even though he has lots of money and a large empire.

Ashraf died on 17th February, 2015, in Mumbai. He was suffering from a dysfunction in his bone marrow. His body was unable to produce the blood cells required for the body from the last two years. This condition is known as Myelodysplastic Syndrome, because of which he was kept on the ventilator for three days before his death. Ashraf was the lead actor in the picture, “The Lost Behrupiya”, released in 2013, which won the National Award. The actor's death was a unbearable loss to the whole industry.

Another Version Of this Bio...

Ashraf Ul Haque was an Indian film actor. Ashraful was born on 3rd November 1969, in Assam. Then he shifted to Uttar Pradesh and then Mumbai. He was an NSD graduate. He graduated from the National School of Drama. Ashraful Haque started his career by working in theaters and he worked with some popular playwrights like Ram Gopal Bajaj Ram Gopal Bajaj, a versatile renowned personality >> Read More... Ram Gopal Bajaj , before getting a career in acting in the Bollywood. Ashraful Haque was popular for his small but some very striking roles in many movies like "Fukrey" of Mrig Lamba, in which he played the role of a drunkard. Ashraful has also appeared in many Bollywood movies like "Company", "Jungle", " Deewaar Click to look into! >> Read More... Deewaar " and many more super hit Bollywood blockbusters. He also played a lead role in the National Award winning Bollywood film “The Lost Behrupiya" that was released in 2013. Ashraful Haque also appeared in a commercial ad of a mango drink as a villager. Unfortunately, since 2013, was suffering from a bone marrow disorder called Myelodysplastic Syndrome and he was having his treatment on, but On 17 the of February 2015, the actor passed away after being in a ventilator for almost three days, leaving behind his wife and a son. Many directors like Mrig Lamba, Farhan Akhtar One of the most recognized young director of India >> Read More... Farhan Akhtar and Bollywood actors expressed their grievances at the loss of such a talented actor.