Ashok Nagar Hindi Actor

Ashok Nagar is a famous Hindi comedian. Well known for his superb comic timing and excellent sense of humor, he became famous on the comedy show ‘ Laugh India Laugh Laugh India Laugh was a reality show which gave a >> Read More... Laugh India Laugh ’. ‘Laugh India Laugh’ was a Hindi stand-up comedy competition of Indian origin which was created by Star One.

It featured some of the finest talents there was to witness in comedy. It was aired on Life OK channel. The top 18 contestants from all over India and Pakistan competed for a trophy in this competition. It began on the 15th of July, 2012.

The last episode was premiered on the 30th of September, 2012. Ashok Nagar has also worked at Kavi Sammelan, which is situated at Tonk Navsamvatsan.

He is an ex-employee of roadways and hails from Shahjahanpur. He has one brother by the name of Anil Nagar and a lovely daughter by the name of Yashla Nagar.