Yash Danak is a cinematographer in the Indian film industry. He has extensively worked in many of the add films as a copywriter. He was born on 8th March in the city of Ahmedabad Gujarat, he went to the Abhinav Bharti High School for his Intermediate and completed his graduation from H.L College of commerce with a degree of Bachelors in Commerce. Yash did a filmmaking course from FX school to enhance his skills in the field of cinema. He worked as a copywriter at concept communications in the year 2014 where he curated content, wrote storyboards and edited a numerous number of videos. He took his career to the next level while working as a creative director at the empire media works in the year 2015. He directed and managed films and digital content for the company. He worked for the enhancement of various brands and created a worldwide digital presence for them.

He had the skills of the cartoonist which got used for Youtube videos where he made a lot of spoofs. He made a short film named “ Mritak” which gave him a lot of recognition in the film industry, and he came up as a successful cinematographer. The film got shortlisted for the Indian cine festival and at the Mumbai women’s international film festival, and it also got nominated at the Berlin short film festival The copywriter worked on many ads of reputed brands such as Godrej with a tagline “suit up to energy.” He also did the advertisements for SBI Life Insurance with the tagline of “plan to celebrate”. Bajaj alliance drives smart campaign got led by him only where they used the by line “Mr. Khatri why you so Furious.”

He also did Vivo V7 campaign with Ranveer Singh and the baby shop campaign with the theme of personal shopping adviser. Yash did the SBI Life campaign including “Me Se Hum,” real-life real stories and Mother’s Day special “Mummy Kahan hain” for the brand. The next Initiative was ‘nurture with natural heir looms’ where the brand propagated natural products. He also worked with L & T Mutual funds and worked on the tagline “Zamana Badal gya hain.” Bajaj Alliance awkward silence in the car – health-home campaign got headed by him. Yash believed in the versatility of work and curated the content for the ultimate TIP (target investment plan). The digital film for SBI saving fund app got designed by him.