Vikram Mishra Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Choreographer

Vikram Mishra is one of the kind-hearted persons who were well known as the founder of YOGDAN. He is a dance and a yoga teacher. He connects dance and yoga. He used to say that they both are closely related to each other. Vikram had enrolled himself at one of the topmost institutions named Himalayan yoga association in Tapovan, Rishikesh in the year 2018 for getting his former yoga education.

He practiced Astanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and also he engages himself as a yoga instructor. He really enjoyed doing various performing arts and took theatre early on getting a proper training from NATIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMA (NSD) which one of the topmost institutions known all around the world. He had performed in multiple theatre plays and musical productions. And this was the time when he embraced dance into a natural progression for himself.

Based upon his skills and talents he moved to New York City in the year 2010 to study at the prestigious Broadway dance center. He loved every dance form but wanted to be a specialist in Ballet, Contemporary, Arial silk, Hip hop, Contact improvisation and many more. His career has been now around more than 14 years and he has gained a lot of experience through them. He is a person who loves teaching a lot and due to this reason, he founded jump united school of dance in India which offers dance training across multiple dance forms to different age groups.

He worked as the choreographer and a dancer in many Bollywood films like DHOOM, TEEN PATTI, U Me Our Hum, Manali Cream and many more. Overall his career has been very good and something new is still left to be shown by him.