Tanay Chheda

Other names of Tanay Chheda: Tanay Hemant Chheda
Tanay Chheda Hindi Actor
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For kids who are on screen, it is quite necessary to be cute. They receive maximum recognition in films even for their talent. Some kids get to earn so much reputation on portraying a particular character on screen that they become the household name. One child actor is Tanay Chheda, who grew up portraying memorable roles in films like My Name Is Khan, Taare Zameen Par Click to look into! >> Read More... Taare Zameen Par , and Slumdog Millionaire Click to look into! >> Read More... Slumdog Millionaire . Who can forget his role in Taare Zameen Par? For his best screen performance, this actor was chosen as the best entertainer in POGO Amazing Kids Award. Sanjay Hemant Chheda was born on June 27, 1996, in Mumbai.

This 19-year old actor was a student at Connecticut's Choate prep school; later he joined to Dhirubhai International School. He played the role of Jamal Malik in Oscar Award winning film Slumdog Millionaire and even won the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance. He played the role of teenage Jamal, who survives on the streets of Mumbai and grows up as a young thief. He was chosen to play a slum boy by director Danny Boyle Danny Boyle is a British film producer, director, >> Read More... Danny Boyle . After receiving rave reviews in Hollywood, he got a chance to play the role of younger Shahrukh Khan in My Name is Khan. When Aamir Khan made the movie Taare Zameen Paar, he had cast Tanay Chheda as Rajan Damodaran, a physically challenged child who is also a classmate of the protagonist Ishaan. This actor made his film debut in ‘Don-The Chase Begins Again’( a 2006 film) as a child actor. He also appeared in a German film that released in 2011. He had no connection with films.

He got chance in films like Don, Slumdog Millionaire which is really wonderful. He was a child actor who behaved at his age that is why his roles fetched him more popularity. Tanay Chheda transformed him into an actor with films he had acted. In Don, he had to be himself, a kid. But it was from Taare Zameen Par, he started acting.