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Hindi Child Artist Shatrunjay Devvrat
  • Gender : Male
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Shatrunjay Devvrat is an Indian actor who is popularly known for the portrayal of young Aamir in the hugely praised movie 2014 Hindi Drama, Children Of War or The Bastard Child. He is also related to the director of the same movie, Mrityunjay Devvrat ‘Mrityunjay Devvrat’, is 31 years old. He is the D >> Read More... . Playing young Aamir won him much praise because of the complexity of the character that involved putting across what made Aamir the man he was, as well as the intensity with which he portrayed the character. Shatrunjay as the boy who had to endure difficulty and overcome all the adversity into becoming a journalist who is not afraid to pen his thoughts only to lose everything because of the same reason did such an amazing job.

said that portraying young Aamir had a major impact on his personal life too. This movie is his first foray into the entertainment world. He has been compared to Dev of the Slum dog Millionaire fame. Mostly because both of them got their break at a young age and showed great promise and talent from the very beginning. Currently, he is not working on any project. Although he is getting many offers because of the fact that he is a store house of talent, he is taking his time and contemplating the next step he wants to take in his career.

He has been actively involved in the theater and is very passionate about acting. He says he takes career advice from Mrityunjay Devvrat, who he is close to and is also like a mentor. Who has thought him a lot, he stays he is still learning, and there is a lot to learn. Learning, he says; is a never ending process.


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