Lakshya Wahi

Other names of Lakshya Wahi: Lakshay Wahi

Who said your ages should affect your performance and skill? There are children around the world who take their passion into action, one of them being Lakshya Wahi. Lakshya Wahi, age 13 is one of the few child actors who have not only performed but presented a new standard for child actors in Indian TV serials. He was first premiered in the show called Ramayan, which was a portrayed version of the actual Ramayana, on ‘Zee TV’. He was also cast for TV serials like Jhansi Ki Rani Jhansi Ki rani is a historical drama based on the >> Read More... Jhansi Ki Rani and Ek Veer Ki Ardass Veera. He has just recently premiered on a TV serial in Star Plus called Iss Pyaar which was aired in January 2015. Lakshya has costarred as a loving but irritating brother for another child actress Reet Sharma Born on 12th February 2005, Reet Sharma is a child >> Read More... Reet Sharma . Lakshya will soon be on screen for Doordarshan’s Bandhan Kachche Dhaagon Ka.

Just like any other child his age, Lakshya is full of life and always ready for a new project. He learns from every experience, and he presents himself very wisely. He has a couple of fan pages on Facebook and is active on social media like Instagram and LinkedIn. Lakshya has a true spirit especially when it comes to family. On his social media, he does not hesitate to show his love for his family members and co-stars. Lakshya is growing in to a great adolescent and with all the positive support and the right guidance, we all will be able to witness a child actor become a great example for the rest of the children aspiring the acting career.