Mrs. Tarla Dalal was born on 3 June 1936 in the city of Pune in India in a Brahmin-Marathi family. She was India's one of the most loved and best read author on food. She was also a food writer and chef. She wrote more than 100 books on food and sold more than 3 million of them. Tarla was one of the top five best-selling authors on cookery around the world. The Government of India conferred her with the Padma Shri award in 2007 for her achievements.

Tarla belonged to the Vaishnav family and was the eldest daughter. She helped her mother in the kitchen from the age of twelve. She did her graduation in B.A. Economics and completed the course in 1956. Tarla married Nalin Dalal in 1960 and shifted to Mumbai after her marriage. Her husband, Nalin Dalal has done M.S. from America pursuing Chemical Engineering. Nalin had a love for food from multiple cuisines. He motivated Tarla to give a try at cooking various cuisines. Tarla liked the advice and started reading different books and learnied at least two-three new recipes every day. Nalin taught her to be the perfect cook and devoured her dishes. He would give her suggestions which helped her get better every day. She soon became an expert in cooking.

In 1966, Tarla started cookery classes at home with six students. Soon the crowd boomed, and there was a queue of women and girls wanting to enroll and learn from her. Every mother would send her daughter to Tarla to make them ready for marriage when it comes to food. Nalin suggested her to write cookery books to be able to reach out to a larger population. Tarla wrote her first book in 1974 titled Pleasures Vegetarian Cooking. It became a hit. She soon formed a team and in 1987; she bought an office. She launched Sanjay and Corporation. Her books are translated into various languages like Gujarati, Russian, Dutch and more.

In 1988, with the help of her family, she set up her website Tarla soon became Number One cookery Author in India and wrote about 150 books. Her website reached over 2.8 Million visitors in a month. Tarla started her cookbook series called Total Health Series in 2007. Taral's influence on every person around her was so good that the government awarded her with the Padma Shri award for her contribution. It is one of the highest civilian awards any Indian could dream of achieving. She became the first Indian to be given the prestigious award in the cooking category. She became very popular on Social Media as well. She started blogging and launched an app named Tarla Dalal app.

In 2010, she made videos of her recipes and posted them on YouTube. She uploaded about 400 videos which received a lot of views. Tarla Dalal lived a life full of love and joy. She had three children. In 2005, her husband Nalin Dalal died. She maintained a healthy relationship with her family. She lived on the Napean Sea Road in an apartment in South Mumbai. On 6 November 2013, she suffered from a Heart attack and died at her residence. Her blogs, recipes and videos keep her alive in the heart of her fans.

Hari Nayak Hindi Actor

Hari Nayak

Hari Nayak was born on 8 February 1974 in Udupi, India. He is a Chef, Author, Restaurateur, and a Consultant of Indian food. He lives in North America. He is quite popular for his cooking style. Hari studied at the WelcomGroup Graduate sSchool of Hotel Administration (WGSHA) in India's well known Manipal Institute of Karnataka. He completed the course in 1994. He became a Kitchen Executive trainee at the ITC hotels and then went on to join the famous Culinary Institute of America in the year 1998. There he worked in New York's restaurants and improved his cooking skills. He graduated from the Institute as a top Honor Student of his class. Hari continued to gain more knowledge and experience by working under the guidance and mentorship of renowned chefs including Daniel Bolud, Albert Adria and more. He also became Alain Ducasse's apprentice. Hari is a trained pastry chef. He opened America's first patisserie called Halo Fete at Princeton in New Jersey. His debut was appreciated. Hari wanted to enhance his skills in the hospitality industry. He, therefore, joined North America's largest food service company and became the executive chef there. Hari published his first book Modern Indian Cooking on 1 January 2007. The book is written by Hari and Vikas Khanna, and gives another dimension to the food, as said by Chef Daniel Bolud. He claims to be the first of its kind to eliminate any complicated factor like spices or lengthy cooking procedures. It brings Indian and their cuisine a step closer to modern lifestyle. The LA times named it one of the best books in 2007. He soon released his second book My Indian Kitchen: Preparing Delicious Indian Meals without Fear or Fuss in July 2011. Hari shares south Indian cooking recipes in the book and various other secrets he learned from his family, neighbors, and friends. He believes that on reading the book, even the novice cook would be able to cook delicious Indian food. Hari understands that a meal is supposed to be prepared in limited time. Hari's tips and taste have the potential to change Indian meals for good. Hari's has published five cookbooks. He is soon coming up with A Journey through Culture and Cuisine, a book that shows how Indian cuisine and culture evolved over the centuries. His other upcoming book, Modern Entertaining, is a menu for making any occasion memorable with stress-free and fun to eat items. Hari has put his mark in Asia, North America, and the Middle East over the last five years. He is a well-known Restaurant Consultant and helps many Hotels and restaurants with events. He is a well-known pioneer of India and he wishes to bring India to the front of the global culinary map. Hari has organized fundraising events for various causes like Gulf Coast, Tsunami, Katrina and more. He also supported The Living Pyramids, the first global cooking series at the wonders of the world. Hari's hard work, perseverance, and deeply-rooted traditions aspire India to gain recognition at an International platform. He has brought India to the list of top three world cuisines.


Ritu Dalmia

Ritu Dalmia was born in 1973. She is an Indian Restauranteur as well as a chef. She owns six Restaurants in Delhi, India. She established Diva, an Italian Restaurant, quite popular in Delhi. She has hosted TV shows on cooking like “Italian Khana” and “Travelling Diva”. Ritu always had a love for Food and Cooking. Being a Marwari, she always dreamed of becoming a Business Tycoon or an Industrialist. She was born in Kolkata. She joined her father's Marble Stone Business when she was just sixteen. She went to Italy for business purpose and developed a liking for Italian food. She soon started trying out Italian recipes. When she came back to Delhi, she had a bad experience with Italian food. She decided to showcase her cooking skills. In 1993, she opened Mezzaluna, an Italian Restaurant, in Hauz Khas Village in Delhi. She opened it with the 5 lakh rupees, which she had saved when working for Natwar Dalmia, her father. It specialized in Mediterranean cuisine.  However, she had to face numerous challenges. The exotic ingredients she required were not readily available in the city. Getting a license was difficult as well. Her Italian friends did not like her meal as well. She soon realized that she did not know enough, and then she traveled all over Italy, tasting food, understanding ingredients, observing techniques, and carrying back with her herbs, pasta, and spices to India. Nothing worked and soon she shut down Mezzaluna in 1996. Ritu was quite disheartened by her failure and decided to run away to London. She struggled a lot in London for the first two months, with hardly enough money to pay grocery bills. Soon, she opened an Indian Dining Restaurant called Vama and learned a lot about restaurant business as well as food. She got exposure to meet people from every corner of the world in Vama. Vama was a great success.  But, Ritu started missing her home and sold her shares in 2000. She returned to Delhi and opened an Italian Restaurant Diva with partner Gita Bhalla in the posh area of Greater Kailash II. Diva is a professional mix of Mezzaluna and Vama. The restaurant is unique and moves away from Paneer and Chana to a greater understanding of vegetarian food. Ritu showcases everyday vegetables like Pumpkin and Eggplant to make her food more delicious and exciting. It somehow worked and today they are the best selling recipes in all her restaurants. She did not give up until it worked. Ritu owns a cafe in Chanakyapuri, Latitude 28 at Khan Market, Diva Piccola at Hauz Khas and more, all in Delhi. In 2007, she hosted Italian Khana on the channel NDTV Good Times. It was shot in Italy, and soon she released her book based on it. The show ran until 2010 and won many awards. She also became a consulting chef at a few restaurants. She won the Order of the Star Italian Solidarity in Italy in 2011. She had published many books on food. Travelling Diva is her show that has recipes from all around the world.

Ritu Dalmia Hindi Actress