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Gujarati Supporting Actor Hemang Dave

Hemang Dave is an Indian actor, popularly known for his work in movies like Order Order Out of Order (2019), Tari Maate Once More (2018), and Chhutti Jashe Chhakka (2018). Mostly known for his involvement in the Gujarati cinema, Hemang was a passionate public speaking enthusiast since his childhood.

The year 2016 was a crucial one for Hemang, as he made his acting debut on the silver screen with the Jay Bhatt’s Gujarati comedy movie Thai Jashe, also starring Manoj Joshi Manoj Joshi is an Indian television, theatre and f >> Read More... , Malhar Thakar Malhar Thakar is an Indian actor and theatre-artis >> Read More... , and Monal Gajjar Monal Gajjar never dreamt of becoming an actress. >> Read More... . Since then, Hemang has featured in at least six other Gujarati movies, the latest one being Order Order Out of Order, starring Raunaq Kamdar Raunaq Kamdar is an Indian actor, theatre artist, >> Read More... , Gaurav Passwala, Dharmesh Vyas Dharmesh Vyas is a highly talented and gifted acto >> Read More... , and Jinal Belani Jinal Belani is an Indian actress and model. She h >> Read More... .